Interview: Ugandan Revolutionizes Tracking Technology

As cases of car theft rise higher and get more sophisticated, page some Ugandans have dedicated to finding better ways countering this trend.

Among these is 26year old Yunus Masaba an entrepreneur for the last five years who joined business as early as 2009 in his A level Vacation.

He is the founder of Mas Group of Companies, which is interested in transport technology, tracking security, advertising, animation and business consultancy.

Masaba attended old Jinja College, Kiira College Butiki, and Makerere University for a Bachelors degree in Developmental Economics but that did not kill his love for technology and innovations.

His latest isTrack 24, a device meant to provide fleet management solutions for small and big sized businesses which has been in service since March 2016.

Chimpreports caught with him to take us through his latest Tract 24 innovations and how the innovation will help cub down car theft in the country.

What is Tract 24?

It’s a low cost service based on GPS and Satellite used in monitoring and tracking down your fleet of cars or motor cycles. It’s a small device that install in each of the vehicles. We give you an account where you are able to view where your fleet is and you can track the speed and the pay back history (Where the driver is going and how he is moving). We set a geo fence, a radius through which the person can operate and once he breaches the fence, you will be notified on the account.


You can also stop the engine remotely using what we call an immobilizer. All you have to do is send an SMS command and the engine will stop and no one will start the engine. This is mainly in cases of theft are car hire.

How is track 24 going to help Ugandans?

We aren’t the first in the market, we designed this product mainly for Ugandans, its providing a solution that’s cost effective and relatively cheap compared to the prevailing marketing process. The technology addresses the needs of an ordinary Ugandan; there is so much car and motorcycle theft going on. We can also truck human beings, for instance an NGO which has its workforce in the field; we install a devise on this person, which as an SOS button that he or she can press in cases of an emergency.

We also track kids using gadgets such as watches or even bracelets, for parents who always want to know where the kid is.

Can you Truck a person’s spouse or girlfriend?

We have not yet been approached by anyone for this service; we have only seen clients who want to track their children. But if there is need for this, you can maybe put a car tracker in the spouse’s vehicle.

How many people does the company employ?

It employs 20 people; we work with professional people, we employ young people mainly, who know what they are doing. A telecom engineer is our head of operations.

What are the challenges that track 24 encountered?

The attitude of the people especially motorcycle riders, we want to protect them but they think it’s costly. We have an annual subscription of 180,000 per year, but they don’t think it’s wise to save their Shs 4million asset with this and yet when stolen they start wishing they had.

The market itself is down; its hard educating people on the use of tracking business they don’t know. People haven’t leant the technology; they are still locked on using alarms. You can’t be tracked with an alarm.

What has been the best moment since the development of track 24?

The day we tested our devices and they were able to report accurately, I was really proud of myself and my team.

Have any of your clients reported a missing case?

None has so far lost a property; we give them access to their accounts and they are mainly organizations, we monitor them and we haven’t gotten any notification. We have a team on the ground that helps in working with the police and track down the captive and stolen asset and then coordinates

How many clients do you have so far?

We have mainly organizations and we aren’t allowed to reveal their identity for safety reasons

What are your future plans as track 24?

We are expanding; we have a branch in Mbale and we are opening up others in Jinja and Mbarara. In January we shall be opening up a branch in Rwanda and Burundi after 3 months.

We are planning on making tracking devices for laptops because of the rampant theft of laptops and we want to identify the size that fits laptops without being identified.

We have got recognized last year as the SME Company of the Year (gold).

Ugandans should believe in us and we shall help in protecting and finding their lost gadgets and property.

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