Interview: TVO Speaks on Eluding Security, Unleashing Secrets and Fake News

In 2015, security operatives waylaid Robert Shaka as he left his residence in Kiwatule, Kampala.

Shaka, a controversial social media critic of the ruling government, was bundled into a waiting car enroute to Kireka for interrogation.

After a long investigation, security had reason to believe they had arrested the brains behind Tom Voltaire Okwalinga.

Shaka was charged before Buganda Road Court but the case never gained momentum due to lack of evidence.

He would later ChimpReports he had never operated the TVO page. He also challenged the State to provide evidence to pin him.

This website understands that during Gen Kale Kayihura’s reign, detectives conducted a comprehensive investigation about the TVO Facebook page.

TVO ran classified telephone tapes of Gen Kayihura communicating with army officers. More tapes showed Kayihura meeting and promising money to opposition politicians.

Attempts by journalists to find the true identity of TVO has left many with burnt hands.


Recently, a blogger shared a photo of someone he said was TVO.

Robert Muzirango alias Kalyango, whose picture was shared on social media, came out with guns blazing, denouncing the blogger’s report.

He described attempts to link him to TVO as “fake news” aimed at “tarnishing people’s reputations.”

Muzirango charged at the blogger: “How can you go on my Facebook account which I have not been using and get photos to deceive the world? Please spare me your drama.”

Dissident Ugandan army officer, Col Samson Mande also rubbished the blogger’s report, saying TVO remained elusive.

“Ahaha hahaha. OMG!!! We that know TVO personally can only laugh and laugh at claims that the man in this photo is TVO. This is a laughing weekend really.”

Attacks on TVO increased recently after he alleged that MPs on COSASE were bribed to humiliate Bank of Uganda (BoU) officials during the investigation into the closure of commercial banks.

At a recent meeting at State House Entebbe, Museveni told media executives that TVO would soon be arrested.

“We are getting our machine,” he said, adding, “We will get TVO.”

Chimp Reports on Monday interviewed TVO on eluding security for a decade and what inspires him.


QN: It has been ten years since you started criticizing the government and unleashing secrets. What’s does this mean to you?

It means a lot. It is like the struggle waged by groups like Swapo in Namibia, Frelimo, Mau Mau and others. You fight the oppressor and you must try your best to protect yourself from him. For I cannot play a martyr since martyrs do not liberate oppressed people.

QN: What’s your biggest story?

All stories I have covered carry the same weight. I have exposed many corruption and brutality cases and in most cases I have used high technology to access intel.

QN: How have you evaded being captured by the state?

I have a whole lot of intel which I shall publish at an appropriate time. Some years back, I decided to stop sharing it publicly for it became counter-productive.

QN: How do you respond to those who claim to have posted the picture online?

I have only one thing to say about those who posted the picture. They have joined others who died in similar movies.

QN: Why do you think there is a new sensation about your works?

My works have new sensation because for me i expose corruption and other ills without fear.

Qn: Some people say the original TVO was arrested and the new one no longer bites. Is it true?

I do not hold anything back and I do not fear to expose anyone whatever position they hold in government or business.

I can tell you with full confidence that nobody will ever catch TVO. Never. I am always ahead of them at all times.

I stopped sharing sensitive secrets because I preferred to use them in actionable fashion.

I have a huge volume of them. When I stopped sharing, some people thought I had been captured and there was a new TVO. There has been only one TVO for this decade.

QN: It’s said you had an issue to settle with Amama Mbabazi hence relentlessly attacking him…

I went after Mbabazi because he was a senior member of the regime who was involved in many things like the passing of Public Order Management Bill.

I also investigated him in some corruption deals. As long as anyone is promoting the regime cause, I will go for that person in a big way. (The former premier was never found culpable any corruption investigation –ed).

QN: What do you make of Gen Kale Kayihura’s exit from the system? Will he return ahead of next elections?

I think Kayihura will never come back on political scene, and he will never go to jail. I have intel that he made a deal with the regime and he will never see jail walls. Secondly his health is not all that good; so he will be happy to retire and take care of himself.

Qn: What do you make of the national dialogue process? any hopes that it will succeed?

The national dialogue is a joke and people should not waste time. The opposition is very infiltrated and they can never conduct a joint effort to bring change. Change will come from unexpected direction and the opposition will only be invited to be part of it.

Qn: Whom do you think is Museveni’s potential successor?

It is very hard to say as of now. The departure of Museveni which is expected not be voluntary, will be followed by a power struggle among his lieutenants and it will be who eliminates the others who will take over.

Qn: Is it true your ex-girlfriend and baby mama exposed you?

I cannot stop people from dreaming and concocting stories in their frustration. I am glad the people have already punched holes in the imagination being peddled by one of Uganda’s worst con men. That is all I can say. I am not a Rwandan and my Luganda can take me through the corridors of Kikuubo (downtown Kampala). like I felt sorry for Robert Shaka, I feel sorry for this man called Kalyango.

Qn: Do you think this will endanger Kalyango’s life?

That kalyango seems to be an open book and any minimum serious security organ should know he is innocent.

QN: Why are you always linked to Shaka?

Shaka was being hunted for his own opinion so they used the TVO label to fix him. He had his own opinion which he was targeted for.

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