INTERVIEW: ‘The Ugandan’ Album Had to Be Released this Year, Pandemic or Not – The Mith

A couple of weeks ago, Thomas Mayanja aka The Mith or Mr. So UG released a 16 track album titled “The Ugandan”. The album has collaborations with Navio, Maritza, Evon, So Severe, J.C Muyonjo, and many other artists.

The Mith had been silent for a while since his last album release in 2014. For many lovers of Hip Hop, ‘the Ugandan’ Album is a redefinition of Uganda’s Hip Hop. We met up with ‘Mr. So UG’ to talk about this new project.

In a nutshell, tell us why you released ‘the Ugandan’ album, what does it mean to you?

It has been a while since my last project and I felt 2020 would be the time I released an album. So I connected with Koz-N-Effekt, who produced the whole album, and Samurae who recorded and engineered the whole project from Talent Africa, to release this.

For me, it feels good to be able to still be doing this, at this level, and people still gravitating to the music.

Contrary to many artists, the Ugandan album actually talks about issues of Uganda from Idi Amin to the Shs 50,000 payment that trended on Twitter, was it your plan to use your music to talk about Uganda? Is this a gesture of your patriotism?

Well, I am “Mr. So UG”, but since I was creating an album called “The Ugandan”, it had to be about things we are going through, as well as things we have gone through but from my point of view. I tried my best to represent Uganda, from what I have seen, heard, experienced and all that.

An album in the pandemic? Did Covid-19 have any effect on the process and on you as a person in any way?


The album was meant to drop this year, pandemic or not. The pandemic did ruin the plans we had, as far as the tours, shows and even the actual release of the project, but we had to adjust, and that has allowed people to listen to the album and enjoy various songs off it.

How did you get to choose the people with whom you made collaborations on the album?

I chose people I have been listening to, people I have always wanted to work with, and people I believe have a voice that needs to be heard.

Do you have a personal favorite off the album? Which one and why?

This changes every time. Yesterday, the song with NAVIO, “Raise ’em Higher”, was my favorite. I am sure tomorrow; it will be another song. I’m just happy there’s no song I liked that wasn’t on the album.

What is your opinion on Hip Hop in Uganda? Could it be doing any better?

Hip-hop in Uganda has been on fire. In this pandemic, it was amazing watching what the artists were doing. Videos, Singles, Online shows; I think it’s in a great space, and will only keep getting better.

It has been a minute since you last released an album, but now that the Ugandan Album is here, do we expect more music, maybe next year?

It has been a while, because I have been working on A LOT. So Yes, there will be more music. A lot more, actually.

What next for the Mith now that the album has been released?

Now that the album is officially out, it’s time to get some shows off the ground, we have some unique concepts for that. But aside from that, there are some other projects we are wrapping up that should be released soon; so what next? A lot more.

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