Interview: Singer Maro Announces 2020 Concert, Opens up On Having No Manager, Label

Singer Magada Ronald famously known as ‘Maro’ born on May 7, 1987, is no news to the Ugandan music industry when it comes to RnB Music.

Maro, who finds no problem being called ‘RnB Kyabazinga,’ has been on the Ugandan music scene since 2010.

He’s never stopped surprising fans with hits such as ‘Toneeraga,’ ‘Rising Star’ Mubbi Mubbi ft David Lutalo and now Anjagala among others.

Let’s just call him what he is: the coolest top RnB star the Country’s got—with passion, talent, attitude, and personal style to spare.

With the new hit love truck ‘Anjagala’ off his ‘89good decisions’ album at hand, Maro says  he invested one and half years in compiling it, using different producers Nessim, Brian beats, Ethan and Hitablesound Tz among others that worked with Zuli Tums, who later did mix and master the whole piece.

The singer has had different collaborations right from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, making trips to USA, learning how he could change his sound and incorporate what the rest of the world had him impressed

Here, we bring you Maro’s interview with Chimpreports’ Benjamen Emuk

Maro at 10 happening in 2020 which is still a long way to go, why informing Fans about the concert now?


If you announce the concert earlier, it gives people time to save money for it and you know, turning 10 years is such a big deal; you have to call out everyone to celebrate the milestone.

Next weekend I will be flying out to Germany for a festival, so I will not be as active as I am in Uganda, that’s the more reason I wanted to let my fans know of the concert earlier, so that when I am back, they will already be aware of the concert.

Talking of awareness, you do most of your marketing on Social Media, is it any different from the upcoming concert?

True, but when you are pushing a concert, it’s different, if you are pushing a song, yeah you can be out there and sell it ,but a concert you need some people on the ground ,you need some posters running around and not forgetting some interviews which may not be on skype.

Mestil Hotel, why the choice of this Venue?

This hotel was built on the grounds that we stepped on, where we used to play at, where I first stayed as independent from my parents at campus, where my friends lived from and I used to run after my vocal practice from Nsambya youth sharing hall.

I feel like I am going back home, bringing the people back to where it all started.

On your 2013 concert, you went on National tours around the Country; do we see you doing that again?

I am looking at that, if the sponsors I am talking to accept the fact that I have to move around. I am sure they are going to do something in Jinja first, like the road to Anjagala in October to give people the journey where we can hype up the concert.

Maro explaining how collaborations may not be very effective for upcoming artists

I won’t do it in one city; I will do it in Jinja and come back to popular bars in Kampala and do small performances to promote the concert.

Your Concert being on Valentine’s, may you please tell us why you chose that particular Day

Its largely because of the song ‘Anjagala,’ I have sang a lot of love songs; I want to give my fans the best of my love songs when they are celebrating love.

Am going to do all my songs including those which did not make it on your radio but my fans love them.


Any special artist at the show?

There will be people who inspired me, people that know Maro such as Maurice Kirya, he saw me at the cinema, gave me his 1st CD, I became what he thought I would, we stayed friends and we have now done some projects with Mark Foster, a German popular artist whom I am going on tour with.

Of course people like Aziz Azion who gave me his open arms, Mickie wine and people who have been there for me such as Salvado, Andrew Kyamagero; they knew me even before they became what they are now.


Talking of Mickie wine, we are aware that he was the reason your dad was mad at you in 2010, how do you intend to involve him?


No, it wasn’t Mickie Wine that I had issues with, he wasn’t the reason my Dad was mad at me, what was wrong was me doing music before I finished my studies.

It so happened that I joined Music when I was coming to my last year in MUK and the thing is my dad didn’t know that I had a dead year, so it was trouble for me to explain because the fact is my dad was tougher than any other parent.

But we eventually worked out our peace after like a year after calling and saying sorry here and there. We finally met and talked, it was actually my girlfriend who helped in giving me confidence that “He is your dad he can really listen to you; just go to him he can understand you that you are now grown up and that he should respect your choices.”

I told him that I had applied for a dead year and that I was going to fund my studies, so from the Money I made from ‘Genda Ewamwe’ I did two things, I started pushing my friends that is, Vocal Police and I also studied.

Mickie just did only good because he gave me the chance to express to my dad that music can really work.

Those days when you were seen with fire base, it was connected to drugs and all sorts of evil, no one believed that an artist can be sober and still do music, it was the picture that everyone painted already, artist is a drunkard, a womanizer or uses drugs.

They paint a picture that an artist is supposed to be above everyone, we are not, we are just blessed people by God with a talent and all we do is go to our graves empty after emptying all magazine that we’ve written and sang.

We have to leave on earth and we have to leave with our people, so if even the artists don’t learn that we are taken by the material, we shouldn’t be such people that our painted picture is real, we are all human and are different in our own ways.

During ’89gooddecisons’ album launch, most of the fans were whites, do you like expect some kind of specific group of fans at the show?


It’s going to be diverse, zebra community; I call it (black and white) because I have friends from different parts of the World and I have friends who want to play on that show, those who have been soo close to me like Sean Paul.


The concert being among the first shows in Mestil, what is the hotel management saying?

The Hotel is welcoming; they are part of it and they told me that they want to buy tickets for their guests who will be coming for Valentine’s Day.


How do you intend to help those upcoming artists who look up to you and are inspired by your Music

Yeah,we are different artists in this World, there are those who will decide to be mentors and there’s those who are like not at all role models but are loved, so am the first beat and I feel like I give them something to inspire them and a feeling that they can do it.

I have never said I am number one, people say it, I have never said I am the best or good, people say it after listening to and hearing my Music. That little inspiration, I think I am helping them even when I don’t touch them physically.

One thing I keep telling them is that collaborations are not the way to get up there, nowadays it’s easy to come up because you have the internet, you just upload your video on YouTube and for sure if you sang very well, you capture that vocal very well or that rap, rhymes very well people out there are watching you and you may not get the help physically but the views you get may amount to something, gave an example of Fresh kid.

It’s not all about a collabo with big names in the industry such as Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and don’t even get mad because they don’t give you collaborations, collabos sometime don’t really make sense, some artists after making a collaboration, they just don’t care anymore.


Maro being a great performer, who do we see you collaborating with in the near future?

In my mind, I would like to collaborate with People like Sean Paul, Shaggy, Loren Hill, Erykah Badu, Busy Signal and Bennie Man people like that, because they have a different spirit when it comes to Music, their writing and voices.

Would you cause drama when releasing a song or promoting a concert?

I don’t need to do drama to actually release a song or do my concert. I believe most people do that because it’s part of the game and that’s how the rules are.

I won’t do things I can’t do, if I know the song is good, I tell the people it’s out I do my publicity, I have pushed Anjagala for five months now and without any drama.

Lastly, what would be your last message to the Fans

Am ready for the show in February and am excited because I need to see all my Nsambya People, the Media and all my fans, I need to see a full house.

For 10 years, I have never had a manager, actual manager or I have never been signed, so I respect everyone who has had his hand in my being coz if it wasn’t for them, my ideas or whatever am doing wouldn’t be heard and I wouldn’t be where I am.

So, basically I love you all and would like to see all of you at the show.


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