INTERVIEW: Singer Beckie 256 Chats About Crazy Love, Music and Fame

Becky Nakirya better known as Beckie 256 is not the usual raising female artist. She’s determined, she has the zeal and passion, and she doesn’t seem ready to back down anytime soon.

Popular for songs like “Obuswandi” and “Nibinshasha”, Becky is one of the few divas who fuse lyrical metaphors with visual excellence.

“I like perfection when it comes to music,” She says.

ChimpLyf’s Solomon Businge chatted with her about love, music and her journey thus far.

Presented below are the excerpts from the interview:

How would you Describe Beckie?

Well, I’m a free spirit, and fun person

When did you take the decision to join the music industry?


I took the decision in 2010 but started commercial music in 2015

Any specific person who inspired you to take music on a commercial level?

Afrigo band and all musicians that had hustled before me. Afrigo band made me believe music can touch lives and at the same time, stay for long.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered on your path so far?

Biggest challenge was losing parents at an early age; You grow up directing yourself, not sure whether what you are doing is right or wrong.

Another challenge is money. We are growing and music is expensive.


Who would you say has played the biggest role in your music so far! Besides you?

My friends mainly .No particular person.

What’s your best project so far?

Obuswandi  is my best project so far.


It’s different  from anything I’ve ever done before .

Why the name Beckie 256 ? Any special attachment to it?                       

Not really. Beckie is my name. 256 represents Uganda cos I really love my country

What’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve done for music?              

On My first song, I sacrificed fees to pay for studio.

But I never even released the song


It wasn’t perfect and I love perfection.

Have you ever felt like giving up on music?

Surprisingly, no… Man I have too much passion to give up.

Who’s that one artist you’d love to work with before this year ends?

This year I actually don’t think of any Collabos. So I haven’t looked at any artist.

Beckie 256

Let’s go personal….Are you dating?

Yes I am. But no mentioning names

Why are you hiding him?

He’s private , Very private.

Had you been single, what male celebrity would you love to date?

None of them .No offense

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for love?

I let myself have intercourse in a public place, something I can never do unless am not sober .

Where was that?

Kiwatule recreation center.

How do you usually spend your free time, besides studio?

I used to be footballer, and basket baller, so I love sports. I’m usually watching or checking out my team I have in my home town

What happened to that talent?

I got an injury

Besides your music, which other Ugandan artists do you find yourself listening to?

Surprisingly I listen to all. I be looking out for competition.

What projects do you hope to release before this year ends?

I have three mad projects am working on; One with Nessim and another one with Mimo ‘the producer’ and another with Purple chord (Naira Ali’s management. They all better than each other.

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had as an artist?

Actually am lucky, none yet

Besides music, what other thing would you love to achieve before this year ends?

Well, in life we always get better so I want life to get better, generally.

Do you smoke?

No I don’t.

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