Interview: One on One With Lillian Mbabazi at Qwela Band’s Afromix Show

Last night was yet another night to remember in the history of Uganda as far as live band Music is concerned as Qwela Band held one of their incredible monthly shows.

‘100% Rhythm’ was what welcomed one to the venue where Qwela band was performing its ‘Afromix’ show.

They did not waste any time as they gave music lovers the best of their African music flavors, performing and mixing some of the African selected songs including Angelique Kidjo’s Agolo,Wombo Lombo and We-We among other songs from across Africa.

Qwela Band performing at Terranga bar on Thursday this Week

After doing what fans called a very great job, it was then time for the talented Lillian Mbabazi with her mellifluous voice to take over the show which she did amidst cheers and happiness from the crowd that seemingly enjoyed every bit of her performance.

Some of the Music lovers enjoying the show.

After a couple of years (4 to be precise), without holding any music shows, the former Blu *3 songbird Lillian Mbabazi made her comeback last weekend at a show dubbed ‘Lillian Live at Fezah’ which was clear indication that she is still very relevant in the music industry.

At the show she left fans begging for more as she performed alongside her band sundowners which she has been seen performing with on different occasions, in bars and weddings among other functions.

It is a band she formed way back after breaking free from the famous Blu *3 group then.

While appearing for the ‘Tusker Music Lounge’ series with Qwela band’s ‘Afromix’ show, our reporter Benjamen Emuk had a word with her in regards to the show and the fact that she was this time around performing with Qwela band yet she has her renowned boy band.

Chimpreports’ Benjamen Emuk poses for a photo with Lillian Mbabazi after the interview

You have been working with Sundowners for a while now, which connection do you have with Qwela band of recent?

When they approached me about their Afro mix show that they do once every month, I was more than happy to do it with them. I enjoyed working with them because I love working with different artists and musicians.

On taking long without doing a concert not until of recent when she appeared on Live at Fezah last weekend, Mbabazi said that Fezah has been her longtime friends. “So when they approached me, I was very delighted and was willing to do it with them.it was also an opportunity for us to show our fans that we are back in music.”

Having taken soo long, right from 2015 without holding any music concert, “I may not do it any soon, but I trust that I will do a big concert when I am ready and at the right time,” she said with a beaming face.

Vocalist and guitarist Kenneth Mugabi is among the latest artists the ‘Vitamin’ songstress has collaborated with of recent, I asked her whether there is room for the new talents, the likes of Vinka, John Blaq and Lydia Jasmine among others to do some kind of project together.

She responded that if anyone approaches her, she will hopefully do a project with them, “but right now, I am working on a new project with some of the artists whom I don’t want to reveal now and will only surprise you when the project is done.”

The incredibly talented Mbabazi was part of the famous Blu *3 girl music band group which was the talk of the town 10 years way back.

For starters, Blu *3 that comprised of Jackie Chandiru, Lillian Mbabazi and Cinderella Sanyu was established way back in 2004 after winning an award at the Coca Cola TV Popstars show.

The group back then was doing well as it became the Country’s most popular girl group which dissolved in 2009 when Cindy announced her shocking departure to embark on a solo career. Lillian and Jackie also later on followed suit.

Talking about the group, Mbabazi said revealed that there is no hope of the group reuniting and working together again.

Putting on a sad face, she said “everyone is going through their own deals at the moment, so it’s hard for us to obviously come together again.”

I wasn’t all that mean to let her know that many of fans have always attested to her being the ‘King of Live Band’ music and she, pulling out her rare smile while laughing, not just any laugh, but that corporate laughter call it ‘canned’ if you want.

It was one not faked, in fact, that’s when I realized that she is one of the jolliest and kindest artists we have, forget others who normally find their way to the top through journalist and quickly forget them when seated up high there.

That type that end up feeling comfortable on top, not looking back at the past where they used journalists and not just journalists but others as their ladders, they start humiliating and harassing them in that they can even take a month or two to respond to a simple request for an interview.

Mbabazi responded wit the softest tone ever saying that it’s a very humbling thing for her fans to commend her live band performances, “but to be honest for me, I am just happy that I am able to touch people with the way I do with my music and with a live band. It takes a lot of time and above all a lot of hard work for us to sound the way we sound.

So ,For me I feel it’s still a journey and for sure, I don’t think I can proud myself like that, but I know it’s a very humbling thing and thank you for supporting my Music.

The singer was quick to say, “I am not in any relationship right now,” when asked whether she was dating any one.

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