INTERVIEW: Meet Song Writer, Artist Julius Male Who Believes Mobile Saloon Business Is The Way To Go

Julius Male is one of the ‘smart’ working youths you are likely to come across if you are among the many that are always in and out of salons for a haircut. This time however, you don’t need to spend a coin going to any salon, Julius has got you covered with his ‘Julius Scissor Mobile Barbers’ service wherever you need a ‘fresh’ look.
Here is to more from our sit-down interview with this hardworking young man.

For starters, is Julius Scissor your name or a ‘money making’ brand?
My name is Male Julius but I got the ‘Scissor’ addition from a friend of mine who argued that I was so skilled with ‘scissors in my hands’.

Julius Male Scissor

Where did you draw inspiration from to start a ‘mobile salon’ service?
One time, one of my customers came for a shave at the salon where I worked and asked if I could go with him and cut his sick father’s hair since he couldn’t leave home. I promised I would go once I got done with the customers at the salon, but I never had that spare time till night fall, so I failed.

The gentleman consulted me the following day about the same issue and deep within me, I knew I didn’t have to give excuses, so I went and got the job done, since then, I decided to take up the “mobile barber” idea.

How long have you been in this business?
I started ‘Julius Scissor mobile barbers’ business one and a half years ago.

Portable case containing shaving equipment

Do you have a team of people that you work with or you are a one man’s army

I work with a team of six people, its mobile business, so one person can’t be that efficient.

Are you operating in specific areas or you can go anywhere around Kampala or even beyond?


Currently we are based in Kiwatule-Kampala, but we stretch 10 Km to the surrounding areas. We hope to expand the business and go further than this as business progresses.

Many youths like you are unemployed partly because they have failed to get jobs in their areas of specialization, did you pursue any course in relation to what you are doing?

I personally didn’t go to school to be a professional barber, but I have these handy skills and I believe I’m doing good work. I must say every day has been a day to learn and acquire experience over the years.

Shaving machine storage

What are the major impacts of your business on the customers and society as a whole?

First of all, I think people especially men waste the little time they would have spent with their families over the weekends, running to salons to get a shave. With this service, a person can have a cut at the comfort of their home, chatting with family.

Secondly, the spread of scalp infections among children would be less if a barber knows he has an appointment with someone, so he can prepare, sterilize machines and have enough time to do what’s supposed to be done after cutting hair.

With the coming of “a click away” services like KFC and Safe Boda, I think people would love to have “a Click away” barber too.

So Mr. Male, is this your sole job, if I may ask?

I’m a man who does many things, I’m an artist in a sense that, I write songs for people, I sing, I do video editing as well. I do a range of stuff.

Lastly, what do you want to say to your customers and those who are yet to be?

I want people to learn to trust us. Some customers question the idea of going to someone’s house to cut their hair, like these other delivery services, we also come to do our agreed upon business and in the comfort of the customer’s chosen spot whether the compound or balcony.

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