INTERVIEW: Meet Singer, 21 Who Believes Drugs, Alcohol Have no Role in Music

Drugs and Alcohol are some of the major behaviors which define artists especially the youth. They, in most cases believe the two are their source of courage and confidence.

Even those struggling, trying to forge their way into Music, want to associate themselves with the ones who do drugs, alcohol and dress in a funny way, among others.

According to these artists, drugs and alcohol are attached to fame and perfection in their art, but here is a one Moses Apedo, 21, alias Ice Gee who believes Music can be done without alcohol and drugs among other evils.


You seem to be much disciplined, tell us about your Family.

I am a first born in family of 3.Actually, I lack better words to describe my family very well, but if you push me to the wall, I will be left with no choice but to term it as the most ‘perfect’ family I have ever known. It’s a God fearing home if I may put it right and discipline is paramount in the house.


Talking of your family, where do you come from?


I come from Teso sub-region, Soroti district to be exact, but I have spent my life here in Kampala with my mother though I go visit my Dad in Kenya as well.


When did you start doing Music?

I think, right from when I was in my mother’s womb. I have loved music so much and if I may recall, I started dancing when I was in P.3 that was in 2008.

At P.3 you were really a Kid, how did you come up with your decision to dance at that early age?

Well, at 7, People may say you are young and can’t make decision, but that’s wrong. I remember by that time, I had already drawn my line of who I wanted to be. Dancing was flowing all over my blood. I think I didn’t want anyone’s advice after seeing Micheal Jackson on TV dancing.


Do you mean to say you drew your inspiration from Michael Jackson?

Yeah, that’s right, absolutely right.Michael Jackson inspired me a lot, I used to dance like him and everyone around me liked and enjoyed what I was doing since I became so good at it after some time.But since he died, I started looking up to the likes of Usher, Chris Brown that’s why I changed to singing.

Upcoming singer Moses Apedo alias Ice Gee

Which Artists inspire you in Uganda?

In Uganda, I have Chameleone and Bobi Wine


You started Music way back in 2008, how many songs do you have so far?

I have 10 songs, 3 of which are gospel, but that’s not all, I also have many more in studio which I believe will come out soon.


Where are your songs produced?

All my songs are produced at my friends’ studio called RD records in Kisaasi

Chimpreports’s Benjamen Emuk interviewing upcoming singer Ice Gee

Have you ever organized a Music show?

Yes, though it wasn’t all that big. I did my show in my home town Bukedea.

Most of the Singers believe in drugs and alcohol to hype their game, do you do any?

I can’t be talking on other people’s behalf, I don’t do any type of drug neither do I drink anything alcoholic.

I do believe in myself and follow pieces of advice from the people around me who motivate me.

For sure, drugs and alcohol do not play any role in boosting someone Musically, I have seen artists who are very popular and they don’t use drugs. Come to think of gospel artists like Don Moen, Kirk Franklin among others.


What do you do during your free time?

I actually don’t have free time because I am ever on studio working on a thing or two. in fact, I start my day by helping my mom in her restaurant business in Ntinda, that’s in the morning and the rest of the day I spend in studio.


Which genre do you do?

I do RnB mostly and some kind of dance hall, like that of Vinka, John Blaq and Fik Fameica.

Which singer do you look up to in Uganda?

A pass is one of my biggest artists I would like to be like, he inspires me a lot and I follow him a lot on Instagram and listen to his advice.

I also look up to Fik Fameica, Grenade, Vinka as well, that lady is very good and not forgetting B2C soldiers.

Doing collaborations with them is my biggest dream as an artist.


Do you think you have the potential to collaborate with those Artists?

Yes, I have a lot to unleash, I will show them the kind of Music I do, free style and will also be writing songs for them.


Which music label would you love to associate yourself with?

Swangz Avenue and Crown studios, that’s Daddy Andre’s Studio. I believe those two produce quality music and I would like to be part of them in the near future.


As per now, I see you are a struggling artist, how do you earn a living?

My mum supports me a lot, I typically survive on my mum whom I help do her restaurant business, but am also looking for a job.

Music requires some good Sums of Money, who has been supporting you financially?

My Mother Rebecca Atai, dad Oboko Okwaro and my uncle Robert Opolot.I have decided naming these people to show my appreciation towards their help to me. If not for them I wouldn’t even be talking about music now.


Looks like all you think about is Music, how do you see yourself improving in it in case you get a job?

Well, getting a job will mean a lot to me because right now I only do audios since shooting Videos is expensive. But the moment I get a job, haaah! I will see myself progressing because I will even be able to make my Music videos.

Which platform gets to play your songs, rather, which stations in Uganda play your music?

My songs are on Social Media especially YouTube and UBC’s Magic FM. You can also get them on my Facebook page Ice gee Apedo.


Where do you want your songs played?

I would like my songs to be played on Hot 100, Galaxy FM and Capital FM among others.


What challenges do you face in doing Music?

Apart from the money issues, when I started, I used to get negative energy from some people, saying that my music is boring and that it’s meant for bad guys and so on.


Basing on the challenges you faced, do you see any improvements on your music?

Yeah, I see a very big difference in them, like I said I currently have 10 already made songs and out of those songs, I have done a lot to make each of them sound better and liked.

And for sure, I have heard from the people who listen to my music saying that I am not like I started way back because I put in a lot of energy.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well, I don’t have to be very sure about that, but all I know is that I will be somewhere as far as Music is concerned.


Would you create drama so as to attract Fan’s attention?

No, I will do what is right; one thing I love about my self is that I am patient and that I believe it will take me places. I will take my time and I know one day, I will be where I want to be.


What message do you have for your fans and Chimpreport’s readers?

Believe in me, I am ready and committed to doing anything for music. Just have trust in me when I say I will deliver good music. I will surely do give you that music which will get you dancing.



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