Interview: Meet Law Student Kevin Jjemba Who Believes Music Will Take Him Heights

Who says you can’t make it to the top musically without a music degree or something close to that? Well, we have seen many of the artists succeeding in doing music very well, some of which not even attended school

Basically, it may or not require education to take one where they want to be but rather passion, persistence and courage to drive one to a certain position.

Sometimes it’s all about talent and simply knowing how things work, never minding much about your background if one finds it not helpful, rather supportive.

Talking of studies or Education, some of the students who accomplish Music Education or those with a degree in Music Performance, have ended up doing some other things not connected to Music at all. But it’s not at any point right to say that Education is of no value.

The most important thing Education’s purpose is to address one fundamental question, whether it leads to a job or not, but most importantly, those who go higher are those who show the highest level of passion, identify their worth and sticking to it without fearing to try and fall numerous times.

Chimpreports’ Benjamen Emuk met up with an upcoming artist Kevin Jjemba who believes his passion and courage to do quality Music will place him all the way to the top in the Music industry though he is pursuing Law at MUK.

Tell us about your music background?

My name is Kevin Jjemba,I recorded my first song in 2010, but then released my first song in 2011, so I been doing music professionally for 9 years.


More than five years in the industry is a long time. What has kept you persisting?

Passion, I am really passionate about my music, no matter how long it takes as long as the passion is still within me, I’ll keep going.

What challenges have you faced in the industry so far?

The industry is ever changing and very competitive, the reason it has taken me quite some time is coz I have not been releasing music consistently but that will not happen I am here to stay, plus I have encountered some of the most exploitative people ever to have walked the earth in this music industry.

The industry is congested. How do you think you will pull through?

By being myself, I don’t intend to be a photocopy of any other musician. That’s why I am put off when anyone compares me to any other musician.

What kind of music do you do?

Zouk, dancehall, pop, reggae, basically most styles apart from rap.

His many songs do you have so far and what are their titles?

I have released 7 songs with videos and I have numerous unreleased songs that will come out with my album that will be out next year, but the ones I have released are, ‘One big family,’ ‘Every-day,’ ‘I want to know you,’ ‘Yekyaanze’ ft Cindy Sanyu, ‘Omukwano gwedda,’ and currently ‘Nkwetaga.’

Which artistes inspire you?

The trifecta of music Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince. Those are my biggest inspirations in music so far there are many both internationally and locally, but those are my go to sources of inspiration.

What else do you do besides music?

I am also a law student at Makerere University.

If it wasn’t music, what would you be doing?

I would probably be an author; I live in another fantasy world in my head.

How do you balance books and music?

Doing the right thing at the right time.

Were your parents supportive of your music career?

My Father is very supportive, he is the reason I do this actually, he has been behind me 100%

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