INTERVIEW: Meet Eric Opoka, 2nd Year Student Behind ‘Tumbiza Sound’ Hit

‘Tumbiza sound’ has become a very popular song since the lockdown was partially lifted. It’s basically a plea to government to allow the reopening of the entertainment industry as people in this sector are suffering since their businesses were forced to halt in March.

Opoka Eric aka Eezzy is the brain behind this popular song and we met up with him to know more about his inspiration for the song.

Who is Eezzy?

Eezzy is a Ugandan Artist originally known as Opoka Eric, an Acholi from Gulu but born and raised in Kampala.

The name Eezzy is derived from both my last name and my personality as a person

The first “E” stands for my name Eric and then Ezzy translating for “easy” stands for my personality.

I joined the music industry in 2013 but my career officially kicked off two years ago when I decided to start singing in my language and started pushing my music from back home before I finally crossed over to the central.

Your song ‘Tumbiza sound’ has become a must play at many places this lockdown. Tell us about your inspiration for it and how it got to top the charts.


My inspiration for the song is actually my fellow brothers and sisters in the entertainment business who haven’t been doing good financially ever since the government locked us down.

I did the song mainly to send a message to the Ministry of Health and the Government that we should also be considered because we are not doing well and also in a way to uplift the people’s spirits and give them a reason to smile and be happy even with this pandemic amidst us.

Do you have any other music that your fans could probably have listened to or should listen to?

Before “Tumbiza Sound” I had songs like “Kuki”, “Mak mukemi”, “Wyne fi me”, “Bang Raa” and “Tumayuke ft Dj shiru”

I have a lot more songs that are coming pretty soon.

Who is Eezzy outside music or do you solely depend on it?

Well for now I am a second year student at Kyambogo University doing Bachelors in Industrial Art and Design.

What have been the ups and downs in your music journey?

I have had a couple of challenges in my career like the financial bit of it; for example videos are really expensive to make and the promotion is also a big problem since it needs money and time too.

Nonetheless, I have had a couple of ups too, I have won a couple of awards and at least the money started coming in.

For you, the lockdown was probably a blessing in disguise since ‘Tumbiza sound’ is based on it. Are there other good things that have happened for you this lockdown?

Actually, the lock down has been a blessing in disguise all the way for me because I have been blessed to be part of the biggest online events that have happened this year like Peace and Love Concert, UN Women He for She Online Concert and this weekend I’ll be at the Club Beatz At Home.

Eric Opoka alias Eezzy

Are you single or ‘off the streets’?

Haha, I am most certainly off the streets.

Where do we see Eezzy in the next couple of years?

I believe this is just the beginning, there is still going to be a bit of evolving in my career. A couple of years from now I want to be the biggest artiste in Africa so help me God.

Oh, I want to win a BET as well.

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