INTERVIEW: Katatumba: I’ve Found the Love of My Life

After several years of loneliness and agony after the breakup of her 8-year marriage, pharmacy visit http://ccalliance.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/related-posts.php singer Angella Katatumba has now found someone warm up his cold nights.

ChimpLyf caught up with the humanitarian Katatumba at Obama’s Casino (operated by her Twin brother) as she received a manicure from the beauty clinic at the bar.

The singer who was in the company of  the beautiful Susan Naava, page advice her good friend, prostate opened up about family, school, music, her failed marriage and new found love.


CR: Who is Angella Katatumba? (Personality)

Angella:I am a go-getter, perfectionist, happy, full of life and positive. I believe everything is possible. I am very hardworking, if I start doing something, I never rest until it is finished.

CR: Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.

Angella:People do not know that I am a perfectionist and a tomboy.


CR: What are your hobbies?

Angella:I love singing and shopping. I also love having pedicures, manicures and facials. A girl has to look good at all times, ha-ha.

CR: What is the secret behind your amazing body and the weight loss? Do you work out or you just eat healthy?

Angella:Really? I look good? Well, I lost most of the weight when my now ex-husband dumped me. I lost 38kg in 3 weeks and I have never gone back to that place. I also reduced the portions of food I eat, drink a lot of water, use the treadmill I have in my room and I walk at least four times four times a week. Since I left the UK, I have been eating healthy now since I feed on boiled foods like matooke and ground nuts nowadays compared to the junky foods like burghers I used to eat.

CR: Do you go to church?

Angella:Yes, I go to church every Sunday if I have not had to stay up for long on Saturday nights performing or in studio. I am a Charismatic Catholic meaning I am a born again Catholic.

CR: Where did you grow up? Tell us something about your background and parents?

Angella:I grew up in Mbarara because that is my home. I later left to go abroad for further studies.

CR: How many siblings do you have?

Angella:I have anolder sister called Rosemary that lives in Atlanta and seven brothers; Allan, Dennis, Rugiirwa (my twin brother), Colin (the late), Ken, Ian and Jay.

CR: Tell us about your twin brother, Rugiirwa.

Angella:For starters, I am five minutes older than him and we are so close. You hurt him and you have hurt me. He is business minded and an entrepreneur, he took after our father. He is so full of life and is so positive about life.

CR: And about the reports that he is gay?

Angella:Ha-ha that is the silliest thing I have ever heard. It is so not true. It was a plot by some disgruntled former tenants that were not happy about being evicted. They tried to tarnish and spoil his name and reputation by selling that false story to the press. He is so straight with a wife and a daughter.

CR: Tell us about your parents, what kind of relationship do you have with them?

Angella: He is an amazing father who loves all his children and would do anything for then. He is a very liberal man, loves life, happy and is positive about life. He is a perfect role model as he has taught us never to run away from challenges but to confront them. He also lets us make our own mistakes so that we learn from them. My mother is also amazing and she has brought us up in a decent and God fearing environment.

CR: Did you travel a lot when you were still young?

Angella:No. I wouldn’t say I travelled a lot. I left Uganda after completing Primary seven for further studies.

CR: Which schools have you gone through and what did you study?

Angella:I went to Katatumba Academy for primary educationfrom 1986 – 1994 then Belmont Senior Secondary School from 1994 -1996 in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, where I obtained a Public Relations Diploma. I then went to Oxford Brookes University, England where I got Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Law from 1996-1999. Also at Oxford Brookes University, England I continued to obtain a Masters in International Management / Public Relations in 1999 – 2000.

CR: When did u start singing?

Angella:I started singing when I was still a young girl and I used to sing in the school choir. I guess it is because I grew up with so many boys and a big sister who was way older than me so I had to find a way to be noticed. I can say I have been singing all most of my life. I however, started singing professionally in 2000 in the UK, US and 2005 in Uganda.

CR: Do you play any instruments? If yes, which ones do you play?

Angella:I actually do not play any instruments; I have my voice as an instrument, that’s why I am called a vocalist. I train my voice that is why when I am singing, I can hit so many notes.

CR: Who inspired you to start singing as a career?

Angella:Well, as a kid I listened to a lot of Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton. They are amazing women with strong voices. I can say they inspired me.

CR: Among your songs, which one is your favourite?

Angella:My favourite is ‘Supernatural girl’ because it talks about me. The lyrics talk about what I had gone through in my failed marriage with Alonzo.

CR: Do you write all your songs?

Angella: Yes, I write all my songs.

CR: What is your most memorable moment on stage?

Angella:That’s an easy one; it was when I accompanied the police, army and prisons bandsby singing the National Anthem at President Museveni’s 4thswearing in ceremony on May 12th, 2011. I actually made history as I was the first musician in Uganda to do that infront of 13 heads of state. The other artistes always perform later on after the bands have played. It was the highest point in my career as a musician and it was quite an honor.

CR: What is your most embarrassing experience on stage?

Angella:Ha-ha, I have actually not had any embarrassing moment on stage and I thank God for that. I always try so hard to put on comfortable shoes and clothes so as to avoid such moments. I also try not to move so much on stage as this could cause accidents.

CR: Share with us some of your achievements in music and humanitarian work (awards and nominations)

Angella: I can tell you a few of my achievements; when I was chosen to sing the National Anthem for the first time ever in front of 13 heads of state at President Museveni’s swearing in ceremony on May 12th 2011, when I featured on DWTV on the Let’s Go Green Campaign’s success and when I was appointed as the British Council Climate Change Icon in Uganda from April 1st  2010 – April 1st2011. For my musical career and charity projects like ‘For You Gulu’, I appeared on ALJAZEERA TV’s Hot Spot Program,VOA’S IN FOCUS, VOA’s Straight Talk Africa and CNN’s Inside Africa. I also played the part of “Beautiful Woman Number 1” in the ‘Last King of Scotland’ (Oscar Wining Movie) in 2006.

My awards include;

Kyambogo Rotaract Award      – Humanitarian Award for my “For You Gulu” and Climate Change Projects in 2013

Diva Awards                              – Humanitarian Diva Dec 2010 & Role Model Diva Dec 2011

Office of the Prime Minister of the Government Of Uganda: – Peace Award For You Gulu Project Sept 2010

Record TV Uganda                     – Woman of Power Award 2009

Buzz Teens Award                 – Ugandan Teens Role Model in 2007 and 2008

Kampala Rotaract Award          – Humanitarian Award for my “For You Gulu” Project in 2007

Music Talent Show Awards       – For winning singing contests in Canada and Oxford 1994 – 2000

CR: Which musicians would you love to do collaborations with?

Angella:That’s a tricky question since I do not plan collaborations. They just happen for example the songs ‘Peace’ and ‘Let’s Go Green’ with Buchaman and Keko respectively were made for projects I was working on. The latest collaboration ‘Multiply by 2’ with Radio and Weasel was suggested by Chagga, their new manager as they wanted a song that will be international.

CR: What do you have in store for your fans, musically?

Angella:Well, for now musically I am focusing on making a video of my new song ‘Multiply by 2’ featuring Radio and Weasel. I will definitely get back in studio in say a month’s time. In charity, I am working on a charity project in Mulago that will expose all the rot in this hospital. Though it is in its early stages, we already have two sponsors that is Gordon Wavamuno, a renowned businessman in Kampala and Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (KPI).

CR: Music aside, let us talkabout relationships. Are you dating anyone?

Angella:Yes, I am dating someone who is amazing, believes in me and wants me to be great. I never say who he is because I want to keep that part of my life private.

CR: For how long have you been dating him?

Angella: We have been dating for a year now.

CR: Tell us about your ideal guy?

Angella: My ideal guy is one that supports me, who is ready to work with me (supplement me), well groomed, hardworking, understanding and respectful. Ohhhh and he has to definitely be good looking and taller than me though not so tall.

CR: Being a celebrity and in the limelight, what challenges have u faced during dating?

Angella:Well, as you can guess it is not easy. When you are a public figure, it gets complicated for people will always blow things out of context. If you are seen on dates with different men, the tabloids will label you a tramp and the people that do not know you will go with that. That is why I keep my love life private.

CR: Have u ever been disappointed in love?

Angella:Disappointed? That is an understatement. I was shattered when my now ex-husband dumped me. I was so heartbroken for I loved him so much. I reached the extent of praying to God that he kills me, I was so lost and did not know what to do next.

CR: Tell us about Alonzo Ward, your ex-husband.

Angella:Ward Alonzo was my first love, my very first boyfriend in the world. I was so flattered when everyone told me he came to watch me sing every night at Ponanas’ Club in Oxford. When he asked me out, I was so excited that I said yes. I fell head over heels in love with him for he was tall and in the Air Force because at the time I was insecure about my body and looks.We were crazy about each other and after six months, he proposed to me. I said yes.

CR: What went wrong with your marriage? Why did it end?

Angella: Well, it is a long story but the thing is, he felt insecure because I earned more than him as I was the bread winner of the family. He said I was too ambitious and the arguing started. He started coming home later than 3am and sometimes 5am. One night, he told me it was over and he left me lying on the floor crying for I still loved him so much.

He left me in a very cold manner and I was so heartbroken. I even contemplated committing suicide but my father told me to read the Bible and pray to God so that I feel better. When I had started healing, Alonzo came back and without a word I took him back. My love for him had however deteriorated after the whole heartache.

Things were never the same between us no matter how much he tried and I finally left him and bought my own house. That is how my healing process started. I learnt to be independent in life and not to rely on anyone for anything. When I came back to Uganda, he continued asking me to go back home but I told him Uganda is my home. After 5 years, he lost hope of getting me back and sent me divorce papers and I willingly signed them. That was the end of my 8 year marriage.

CR: Are you still friends with Alonzo?

Angella: No, we are not friends. We don’t even communicate. The last communication I got from him was after he received the signed divorce papers. He sent me an email saying “Damn, that was fast,” to which I replied “not fast enough,” That was the last time I heard from him.

CR: What gave you the courage to go public about your failed marriage yet you had kept it private for so long?

Angella: I was scared to share such information of the worst time in my life but I thought it would inspire women in the same situation to stand up for themselves, to do something about the physical or emotional torture they go through.

Of course, some family members and friends did not want me to release the story so we held meetings and I later decided to do it. But I wanted it done in my own way and I am happy that is how it was. I thought people could relate and I am glad women around the world did. It made a difference.

CR: What is your take on love and marriage now?

Angella: I believe in love but I am in no rush to get married. Been there, done that. I would advise all the girls that before you get married, first date for at least a year or two to see whether your personalities meet before you jump into the marriage wagon. I guess my marriage did not work out because I never knew Alonzo so well for we just dated for six months before we got married.

CR: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Angella:I wouldn’t call it love at first sight; it is more of lust at first sight. To me, love is the feeling you get after knowing someone for some time. The kind of feeling you can have for your family, where you can do anything for them.

CR: What is your work experience?

Angella: I currently work as a Managing Director at Hotel Diplomate, Kampala Uganda from 2004. I worked as a Food and Beverage manager at the Majestic Star Casino and Hotel from 2003 – 2004 Chicago Illinois-USA where I was responsible for over 100 employees.

Before that, I had worked as an Assistant General Manager at Isaac Hayes Restaurant /Hotel from 2002-2003. From 2001-2002, I worked with Buca Di Beppo Restaurant, Chicago as an Assistant General Manager.



CR: Lastly, which message do you leave for your fans?

Angella: Thank you so much my fans, without you I would not be where I am today. I will continue giving you the best musically so do not lose faith in me. I love you all so much.



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