INTERVIEW: James Lubwama ‘Pages’ Talks Experience with Fans, Love Life and Music

James Lubwama, stage name Pages, is a 25-year-old singer under the famous Janzi Band Group. The God fearing musician discovered his talent at an early age and has come to perfect it with time.

Having lost his parents a tender age, Pages grew up with a mentality of working hard to achieve a successful life.

His singing is exceedingly magnificent and extremely striking especially when you have a chance to watch him perform live.

Pages is the one member in Janzi Band that gets the crowd worked up during performances; ladies literally jump onto the stage scrambling for a piece of him.

He opened up about his childhood, singing career, future ambitions and love life during an interview with ChimpLyf’s Bridget Nanteza

Who is Pages?

My name is James Lubwama, born on the 9th of November 1992.

I grew up in with 2 sisters and one brother. I come from a God fearing background.


I went to Seeta Parents Primary School, Kawempe Moslem Primary School, and Winterland Primary School.

For my high school I went to Ndejje High School, Kitante Hill SS and Helm SS before enrolling at Ndejje University Kampala campus.

He already has a solo album with another one on the way

Why the name Pages?

I chose pages relating to my life; I have seen my life change from one chapter to another that is why I so chose something that relate to that.

So I keep on opening one chapter to another moving forward.

How was your childhood like?

My childhood was cool although I lost my dad at only 3 years and my mother at 12 years so I grew up hustling trying to make life work and with God, I did.

When did you discover your singing talent?

I discovered I could sing in my form 6 at Helm S.S. It was an Adventist school basically and I loved their singing.

Joined an acapella group called ‘gentle choir’ and was told I was a good singer so I kept it going since then.

Where were you singing from before joining Janzi Band?

I was in Coca-Cola Rated Next season 2 where I made it to number 7 in the top ten.

When I was dropped I joined a couple of bands like Akaalo band, Urban jazz band, Ivuga band and did backup vocals for Maddox Ssenatimba.

That was around my campus in my 1st year then I joined Janzi band through Emma Dragu who was my vocal trainer in the Rated Next competitions.

Pages performing at an event

How does it feel being part of Janzi band?

It feels good being part of a professional bunch of guys that are so talented.

They have helped me improve a lot musically, I really feel proud being part of them.

How do you manage to get all the lyrics of those songs in your head?

I am a hard worker and maybe I get the lyrics fast because I do what I love plus my life rotates around music.

How does it feel when fans come to you on stage to dance with you?

It feels good at times because it shows you have connected with them which is the purpose why we entertain people.

If you do not connect with the crowd then you failed the mission. At times it feels bad because some do it for different reasons and they end up embarrassing you with their funny dances since most of them be drunk.

Why didnt you start a solo career instead of joining a band?

I actually have a solo career and have an album of my own called ‘Love Potion’ with 10 songs. I love the live band music more since I have been in it for some time.

Do you write your own lyrics for your songs?

Yeah I do write. 8 of my songs were by myself and the two were written by Oman Rafiki and Zulanda.

Do you have plans of releasing another album this year?

Nope…just want to release the 10 songs on the first album this year. The next album will be released next year though I have already started producing it this year.

I have four songs so far on the second album.

What do you have in store for your fans?

I have a lot of music for everyone. Dancehall, Reggae, Ragga, Hiphop, Rnb, Soul, Jazz among others.

Is it possible for someone to hire you alone without the band?

It is very possible, I have a personal manager.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in this industry?

Have not faced many challenges since am just picking up…and with the beginning there are no challenges I prefer to call them steps to greatness

What achievements have you got out of your career?

I have invested wisely with the money I make and have helped those who lack.

I have advised and inspired those that would love to join what I do and have made those who believe in me so proud.

Are you dating?

I would like to keep that private.

How many Exs do you have?

Hahahaha I can’t say

Have you ever been heartbroken…how was it?

Yes like everyone else

Describe your ideal woman?

God fearing and beautiful that’s all.

How do you react when you are angry?

When am angry I get silent till I forget that and move on with life.

How do you spend your free time?

Watching movies with friends, listening, creating or doing music

What is your best dish?

Posho and G.nut soup

What is your religion?

Born again Christian

Any hobbies?

I love watching movies, singing and playing the PlayStation.

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