INTERVIEW: It’s Going to Be a Much Better Show with Less Noise- Live Wire’s Precious Remmie

Precious Remmie Nakitto is a talkative, calm, loving, fashionable young lady and one of the new faces at Spark TV hosting the Live Wire show.

Having grown up at her brother’s home, Remmie owes everything to him making sure she never disappoints. She gets emotional when confessing her undying love for her mother.

The confident black beauty who prides in being independent, has always dreamt of being on TV since childhood and she is more than excited to have landed this gig.

In an extensive interview, Remmie narrated to ChimpLyf how she juggles her different jobs, love life, future aspirations and what she has in stock for the Live Wire fans.

Who is Precious Remmie?

My real name is Remma Nakitto, 26years old, most of my friends call me Queen Ma and I stay in Gayaza, Luteete. I grew up with my mother in Kawempe but the biggest part of my life I was at my brother in Entebbe.

We were born 9 siblings; 7 boys and 2 girls me being the last born. I did my PLE from Kawempe Decorous Primary School, my O’level from Kawanda Secondary School, my A’level from Mbogo Mixed School and finally Makerere University where I did a bachelor’s in Social Sciences.

Remmie says she has always wanted to be on TV

Have you ever worked on TV before?


Yes, I was at Record TV for about 3years hosting shows like the Day Breaker, Ekitangaza, The Source among others.

Why did you leave then?

I just quit some time back because I felt overwhelmed. I was doing so much more than I could handle. I needed to work part time but they wanted me full time yet I have other jobs.

Why TV and not your professional career?

Well, it has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. Seeing people presenting on TV inspired most of my life decisions.

How did you land this Live Wire gig?

I had ever auditioned for this part; the time Zahara Totto and Annatalia went through. I think they loved my presentation but it was not yet my time. When another chance came around recently, they called me and when I auditioned I automatically went through.

How many were you that auditioned for this position how did they choose you two?

We were four in total. They basically base on the chemistry between us…they loved the chemistry between me and Gaby.

What are your thoughts on the previous Live Wire presenters?

They are actually my friends and I loved how they drove the show. They made the show what it is because they were passionate.

Remmie is the Live Wire co-host

Do you think you are better than them?

Well, I worked with one of them and she believed that I am good. A person can judge that even if you are not at their level, you can outcompete them though am not in competition with anyone. I don’t feel challenged I am here to do me.

What different unique thing are you bringing to the show?

The noise is going to reduce because honestly we are naturally not loud. We are going to reduce on criticizing people; we are giving verified news and reaching out to cover more places. The show is going to be much better that’s all you should know.

Any challenges you are facing so far on the show?

The criticism and comparison from the public is too much but we are not moved. I believe so much in myself to be put down by anyone.

Do you think you can ever be scooped by NBS TV too, like other previous Live Wire hosts?

I believe that someone who grooms me wishes me well so I can never abandon that person. If I ever move, then it will never be about the money because it will never be enough. In the end the move destroys the popularity you spent years building.

Who is your best TV personality?

Flavia Tumusiime…I have always admired her ever since I was a kid. Her life story inspired me.

Remmie loves fashion

What do you do besides TV?

I am a fashion stylist with a boutique called Precious World Fashion boutique at Equatorial Mall and I also do make up.

What motivates you?

The desire to be independent and never depend on anyone.

Why do you choose a life of hustling instead of being a slay queen? 

I choose to work so hard because I want to be able to give myself anything I want at any time. I don’t want to wait on someone to give me something because if they don’t I will be pissed. When you don’t have you have to move on the pace of your giver, which I hate.

A beautiful lady like you must have a special person, right?

Yes! I am in a serious relationship living with my man and our son.

Wow, what is so special about him that he managed to lock you down?

I have been with him since campus. He is a very calm, religious, intelligent and hardworking; I must say those are things that caught my attention to date.

Remmie is in a committed relationship

Should we wait for wedding bells anytime soon?

We are not rushing into anything, when we are ready we shall get married.

How does he deal with your job of being in the limelight and working late nights?

Why I love this man is that we understand each other. He has always respected and understood my hustle. When am out late working, he stays home with our son. He supports me in everything I do and for late nights he usually picks me up.

You mentioned how you love independence, how do you balance that with having a partner?

The time we started dating he realized that I was the independent type and he learned to cope up with it. In case he wanted to give me anything he would give, I have never asked him for money for anything be it for hair, food, clothes etc. I believe it is a responsibility of a man to know that his woman needs his support without being asked.

Any relationship advice for lovers out there?

Women ought to be independent because it helps a lot. My man knows that I can live without him and that scares him. It is one of the reasons why he has kept around all this time.

Precious Remmie

How do you deal with male attention since you are in the lime light?

I am very Godly; I am not taken up by material things, so it’s hard messing around. My life is all about work and home; I am always busy and not easy.

What is your greatest fear?

I fear losing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I want to be a millionaire, one of the best presenters with my own show and travelling all over the world.

What is your greatest treasure?

I love my mum to death. I actually love her more than I love my son.


What are some of your weaknesses as a person?

I am too tolerant and emotional.

What is your beauty secret?

Drinking a lot of water and juices.

What is the worst thing a man has ever done to you in a relationship?

Honestly, I can’t think of anything because they have never done anything bad. They over beseech me and love me too much. There is not anything major besides the fact that they were obsessed with me.

What do you hate most?

I hate fake people.

What are some of your hobbies?

Presenting, swimming and fashion.


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