INTERVIEW: Insights into TotoQuiz App; an Application Easing Children’s Home Schooling in Uganda

Technology advancement has eased a lot of activities like banking, dissemination of information, health inquiries, and this particular ‘EdTech’ solution couldn’t have come at a better time than now when schools are closed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Totoquiz not only helps parents keep their children in check with revision, but it also enhances the child’s interest in solving problems in various subjects.

To dive deeper into this awesome invention, Mr. Steven Kyanda, the founder and software developer of the totoquiz app, gave us some insights into the overall operation of the app.

 For everyone’s benefit, how do you describe the totoquiz app?

Totoquiz is a Web and Android application that enables pupils to revise online in Uganda. The app offers both general revision and topical quizzes for Pupils from Primary 1 to 7.

What prompted the invention of Totoquiz app?

Most times when a child gets their parent/guardian/relative’s smartphone, they often rush to play games.

Our children in primary school don’t have customized local EdTech solutions that cater for their learning needs for example due to the mass schools closing as a preventative measure by the Government of Uganda to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), parents need EdTech solutions which can enable their kids to revise digitally while at home.


How is the app accessed and how does it work?

A parent/guardian/relative of the pupil is required to create an account. (Only a unique username and password are required). After successfully creating an account, one will see a list of classes from Primary 1 to 7.

– Select your child’s class; a list of quizzes for the class will appear for your choice. Please note that our content team frequently publishes new quizzes.

– Your child can then attempt the quiz

– After attempting all questions, your child can view their results instantly.

Is this app free for everyone? And if so, how do the proprietors gain from their invention?

Currently, the app is free to use, however, in the near future, subscriptions will be added. Our goal for now is to make sure we further develop and improve the Web and Android app as well as user acquisition and growth.

How long has it been in use and what kind of feedback have you got from those who have incorporated the app in their holiday learning?

Totoquiz was officially launched on January 3, 2020. From our initial launch, we have got feedback from our users and steadily improved our app. For example, some users have suggested that we improve the app’s design which was done and is still being improved.

The performance of the app greatly improved as the web app has a load time of less than 3 seconds. Our users have also made positive suggestions on the content we publish on the platform.

Some parents would love their children to be shown the right answers after completing the quiz but this is more like spoon-feeding as we want the child to be able to reference their classwork and tackle the question they don’t understand. We also know that when a child does corrections or finds the answer to a question on their own, it is hard for them to fail it again.

What are the distinct features of the app in relation to attracting the users’- in this case the children’s attention?

We have two distinct features; One is we tailor content for each primary class basing on the subjects they study.

The second is that pupils are able to view their results as soon as they complete a quiz they have been attempting. There is no need to wait to be marked and a pupil can repeat a quiz as many times as they wish.

What are your future prospects as regards this invention?

We hope to make sure that Totoquiz is used across the whole of Uganda even in remote areas. We also hope to scale it to other member states in the East African region as well as other African countries.

Totoquiz is a brand of Toto Technologies and we are further innovating to bring more EdTech solutions as well as HealthTech.

Many youths in Uganda are unemployed and inventions like this are an avenue for changing the situation. Is Totoquiz employing Ugandans, and if so, how many?

Totoquiz is a small startup and we are a team of 5 members where Kyanda Steven is the founder and Software developer, Nabossa Rachel Sharon, Nakyeyune Sylivia, Nakabugo Sharon Vandra are the Content developers while Nasaba Loerich is the Digital marketeer

Our team is small due to limited funding but when Totoquiz gets funding, we have more roles to be occupied and we have more innovative solutions to be worked on- all of which need talent.


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