Interview: Ingrid Natukunda On Why You Should Opt For Bio Woman Products


As the world continues to evolve, a lot of women have found ways on how to look better and better each day. Although most of them have ended up with the wrong products in search for a perfect skin, some have found solutions that they are willing to share with the rest.

Among those looking for solutions is 26 year Ingrid Natukunda the CEO Nats Body Touch a beauty and cosmetics shop located in Wandegeya Bombo road opposite Vaperse Hotel.

Despite studying journalism at university, Natukunda did not practice it but rather went ahead to study more about beauty products.

“While at university I would see many students using wrong skin products in search for a perfect skin and many would ask me what I used since I had a fair completion and clear skin. That is when I went online and started studying more about skin tones and what to use. It was during my search that I found Bio woman Products from Thailand,” she narrated.

Shower gels like this Plante Camu White are also available.

She met with Chimpreports to discuss more about the product and how well it can help Ugandans enhance their skins.

When did you venture into selling the bio woman products?

I started last year but I opened up the Wandegeya shop early 2019 and the response hasn’t been that bad.


Why did you choose bio woman products not any other products?

These products are natural; the ingredients used are handpicked to make the natural product that favours all skin types. I also wanted to help people look better and I know this was the right solution for them.

They are genuine and affordable for any Ugandan to buy and they are anti bleaching because they don’t contain Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a skin lightening ingredient commonly used in skin lightening products. So this means they are cancer free.

Ugandans have a tendency of fearing imported products because of the price they come with, how affordable are your products?

Bio woman has a slogan “quality before price” and that is what should matter most. We are very affordable and that is the reason why I opted to sell the products because I knew they would suit anyone. I should say we are pocket friendly and our product is better.

Plante Camu White body lotion

So do they only work on skin?

No they are variety; we have from skin lotions to hair dyes for those who would like to change their hair colours naturally.

We have shower gels, scrubs, facials, cleansers, lip gloss and lipsticks and so much more.

The only difference we have is that we don’t just force anyone to take a product that doesn’t suit their skin type. Every product has its own skin type, from sensitive skins to oily ones.

So how do you help someone who would want to lighten up their skin without damaging it?

Oh, that is exactly what all of our products do; they will give you a perfect shine for the perfect look although it takes time. The problem with most people is that they want quick results that why they end up buying various products but when you wait you will get amazing results.

We have products like plante Snail, Snail Lotion, Plante Camu Camu for people with dry skins and are looking for a glow.

A display of the various Bio Woman products.

There are those for oily skins like Sakura, there is an anti-wrinkle called Kuu Milk white, this even removes darks spots with time.

For those with sensitive skin you will have to use the Kuu turmeric s that you don’t damage your skin.

How can one locate you?

We are in Wandegeya Bombo road, on Mussy Hotel building opposite Vaperse hotel. Or call us on 075743925 for any deliveries.

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