INTERVIEW: “I have Never Slept with DJ Ciza,”—Socialite Unapologetic Eve

Fervent users of social media in Uganda, especially twitter and Instagram must have come across “Unapologetic Eve”, a socialite, social media influencer and marketer.

Eve is a fierce social bigwig who is earning handsomely from her huge following on different platforms.

With her first photo posted on July 4, 2016 Eve now commands a following of about 27.3K followers on Instagram.

Known majorly for being the female face of Jamrock Thursdays (a reggae theme night), Eve has not only earned herself a spot in hearts of reggae lovers but one in the books of speculation too.

Earlier this year, there were reports that linked her to Radiocity spinner DJ Ciza.

The 23-year old marketer and socialite spoke to ChimpLyf’s Solomon Businge about the reports, work and other aspects as presented below.

Besides the girl everyone knows on Twitter and Instagram, who is “Unapologetic Eve”?

Apart from the name I am actually the same person.


My real name is Luganda Evelyn. 23 years old.

For people who have never been out with you, what’s your inner person like? Are you wild, crazy, or calm?                       

I should say I’m all. It depends on what mood am in and the day. Trust me I’ll be calm on a Monday and Sunday. But I’ll be all wild and crazy mostly on Thursday. Because I mean am the queen of the night. I also love my Fridays!

Talking about your night, when did you fall in love with reggae music?

I fell in love with reggae when i started working with Deejay Naselow and Dj Ciza during the #jamrockthursdays that currently runs at Valhalla bar and restaurant. That was in august 2016. I am currently so in love with it one could think I was born with it.

About Ciza,  We heard you and him had a thing at the bar, How true was that?

Truth is that they are rumours. But Ciza is my good friend. That’s the most I can say.

You and him have never dated?


Could you have established the source of the rumor? As in why you?

Do you really think it’s possible to bang anyone at the bar?  Especially a Dj?  I mean he’s at work…

Plus I respect my body enough. It has to be laid at least somewhere soft and comfortable!

Besides influencing for brands, what else do you do?

I really want to be one of the biggest Radio presenters in the near future. Let’s say in 2 or 3 years. So currently I am doing Radio training with one of the Radio stations in Kampala gaining more skills.

What do you plan on being; A female deejay or just a presenter?

I wish I could be deejay. But Naselow and Ciza just won’t teach me, So Yes, just a presenter.

Have you ever considered a career in modelling?                       

No. I don’t think there are thick models. That’s the mentality I grew up with.

Are you natural Eve?

I am the most natural woman you will ever come across.  However I have faced challenges for being “endowed” females ask me which doctor I used for surgery, some people ask to touch and feel if the body is real (which sometimes is very uncomfortable because some men even offer money just to touch) But I am just a blessed musoga woman

Most people can’t separate reggae music with herb/Canabis, A reggae empress like you’re, do you smoke?

Weed is weed.

 What’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve ever done for something you love?

I have a little sister named Pauline. I can’t be so particular about what I have sacrificed for her but I know I love her so much I just keep sacrificing for her.

Who’s your ideal man?

I love money so he got to be rich! Hard working and also not so serious about life. And handsome!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in life. Especially in line of your work?

My biggest challenge has been mostly that drama and rumour that went and around. It affected me socially but I overcame it. It’s one thing to be against the world, and another for the world to be against you.

Is there anyone in life you aspire to be like?

My dad.  He’s a very hard working man who has seen ups and downs but keeps pushing. I’ll make him proud too as he has made me

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Hahahahaha I am a jealous lover so I have done quite enough. One I remember most was when I was dating  one ex of mine and he had this girl he was always flirting with. So one time went at his place abruptly and found her right there In his bed.

I threw her out while she was all crying  and told her never to show her face again ? then I went back to loving my Man. We’re not together anymore though.

What are some of those things you can’t live without?

My dad, Family, My friends and Money.

Professionally, how long did it take you to believe in social media and its impact?

At first all happened fast. I was in my 2nd year and people just picked interest in my social media. I didn’t have plans of using it as a source of income until I met people that told me it was my chance. I was told it wasn’t a mistake that my social media was having all that following especially my Instagram.  And I am a social person so I got on it easy. However it’s not as easy as it looks. People will like your posts, comment and all but it doesn’t mean they’re going to attend the event you are inviting them for or download the app you’re marketing. But it takes persistence… the more you talk about it, the more the followers get interested and almost make your work easy!

How did you personally grow such a following?                       

I’m real. I don’t fake my personality. For a person who isn’t real it takes them just a snap of a finger before their real personalities come out. And that’s tough because they end up losing it or trying so hard to keep up with the fake personality they created.

What are some of those things most people don’t know about you?

Sometimes I am so down to earth….the rest they know is true apart from rumours…

What are the biggest projects you’ve handled as an influencer?

I was a full time marketer for Valhalla bar and restaurant and I cut it down to just two days. That is jam rock every Thursday and Mic drop every Sunday which is majorly a hip-hop night with rappers.

Marketed for an app called “Get Mo” which is a drink app.

Also I was a radio presenter at record FM which I left in order to do more voice training and join a greater radio stations. I am hoping for more!

Are you dating?

No am not…Just not yet!

Women have different Views on relationships and cheating, Do you think it’s healthy as some people put it?

It’s not healthy to cheat. I mean there are diseases out there, pregnancies and many more.

But there are reasons why people cheat. So I judge according to the reason, not because I heard someone cheated.

What’s your advice to any young girl out there trying to make it life despite the unemployment rate in the country?

Well, Am not one for advising but young girls should use any chance they see to make money. That one chance would make them millionaires. Also they should go ahead and use their talents. Nothing in this world beats talent!

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