INTERVIEW: I Have Kissed Multiple Girls-Actor Mushema Housen

If you have watched Ugandan movies of late then your eyes will have come across Mushema Housen commonly known for his role in local drama series NTV Second Chance.

The 26 year old commercial model turned actor started his acting career in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth in 2014.

In the same year he got a regular role on the fourth season of The Hostel-Serenity produced by Fast Truck Productions playing Sokke. The TV series aired on NTV Uganda.

In 2016, he got a lead role as Balikoowa in the local comedy/drama series ‘Balikoowa in the City’, another production of Fast Track Productions that currently airs on Pearl Magic which later led him to the role of Andrew Masa from an original actor in Second Chance telenovela, a Ugandan remake of a popular Telemundo, El Cuerpo del Deseo.

Housen will play Mckenzie Mulumba in a Nana Kagga directed and produced upcoming new series called ‘Reflections’ alongside other big celebrities like Malayika Nnyanzi, Cleopatra Koheirwe, Gladys Oyenbot and Andrew Kyamagero.

His latest movie about to premier this November is ‘Veronica’s Wish’ where he plays Michael Veronica’s fiancé.

He met up with ChimpLyf’s Shamim Kawalha to discuss his acting career, his roles as a play boy and future projects.

Mushema Housen always acts as a lover boy

How did you land on the role of Andrew Masa in Second Chance?


I should be honest that I didn’t audition but I was called by a friend to come take part in the series. It was a great honor to be part of a big cast in a big budget project.

How did you feel being one of the most hated actors of television series?

It was an achievement to me because it meant I portrayed the character very well. I however must tell people that I am not the person I am in real life; I am kind and gentle on women. I hate domestic violence and condemn it.

How do manage doing that?

I can portray anything because I am an actor. We were trained and the director was good enough for me to portray what he wanted.

We see you getting cozy with multiple girls in the series, how do manage kissing someone you aren’t attracted to?

Intimate scenes are like dancing, we have to fill each other’s souls before we connect, and that’s why when you watch the scenes we look real. When I am given a script and it needs me to get romantic with anyone, I read it for long and do a lot of rehearsals. It’s not easy because there must be a story behind.

Mushema (L) while shooting Balikoowa in the City

What happens after shooting and getting that cozy with each other?

We have boundaries we are supposed to keep as actors, it’s not like every girl I will kiss will end up with me. Do you know how many girls I could have dated by now? You can’t fall for everyone.

Oh, so how many actresses have you kissed on scene?

I didn’t see that question coming (Laughing and shying away). I have kissed many although I can’t tell you now. There are times when a script requires you to kiss like five girls in one scene; you can’t hesitate if you want to take part.

Do you ever enjoy it or it’s just for the sake of acting?

Sometimes I don’t enjoy it at all but I have to get the movie going. There some actresses that I even wouldn’t want to kiss but they are part of the movie. That is the time when I picture my girlfriend’s image before kissing or getting cozy with anyone and before you know it everything looks so perfect.

ChimpLyf’s Shamim Kawalha with Mushema after the interview

Who is that one Uganda actress that you can’t wait to act with?

Shamim, your questions are amazing, but to be honest, I would love to act with Natasha Sinayobye. She looks good and calm I can’t imagine myself with her in a movie scene, I wouldn’t mind if she wasn’t close to me but I would like to feature with her in a project because I have acted with most beautiful Ugandan actress apart from her.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes I do but we like to keep it personal and private from the press.

How does she feel when she watches your romantic scenes?

I must tell you that she is human but she later understands that that’s how it’s meant to be. All what matters is communication, I make sure I tell her everything she wants to know and she’s my fan too. There is no way she will want me to fail.

Mushema Housen signing a contract recently

What is your latest project?

Oh, I have a movie I am part of that is about to premiere this November at Serena Hotel. It’s called Veronica’s Wish. In the movie I act as Michael Vero’s fiancé the rest is part of the movies.

Tell us more about the cast?

The movie was directed by Rehema Nanfuka. She is one complex director knows what she wants. She is specific and she makes sure everyone gives her the best performance. It was produced by Nisha Kalema who also acts as Veronica the lead character.

It also features Malaika Nyanzi, Simon Kalema among others.

Mushema Housen with Stella Nantumbwe in one of the scenes from Second Chance

How was your experience working with Nisha?

Nisha is a multitalented young woman I can say one of the best in town.

Why do movie makers marry each other?

Marriage comes out of love. I think they fallen in love with each other. The other thing is that they spend more time together and have no time to see people outside the reason they end up together.

Mushema would like to work with Natasha Sinayobye

One word to your family and fans…

I invite them to come to our premier this November on 17th. It will be a red carpet affair and they should dress to impress. The way you dress describes the person you are, Always look your best no matter where you are going.

I thank my family who most of them are my fans for being there for me since day one. They have kept on pushing me until now to this point where I can say I am still trying to impress them.

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