INTERVIEW: I Always Wanted To Be a Queen-Miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo

On Friday 10th August Quiin Abenakyo was crowned Miss Uganda 2018/19 after beating 22 other equally beautiful contestants at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel Gardens.
At first glance, her striking beauty and ample figure with all features in the right places complimented by her heartwarming smile, is enough to convince you that she was indeed the fairest of all the contestants and deserving of the crown.
It’s exactly 11:49am and I am still at office in Kiwatule yet my appointment for the interview is midday at Sheraton Hotel. I call
Janat, the lady you have to go through to get to the newly crowned Miss Uganda and assure her how I am ten minutes away. I hang up and jump on the next Safe Boda to the meeting point. I get there past the agreed time, but thankfully they are patient enough to wait for me. I needed a moment to catch my breath before I finally sat down Quiin for the one hour long chat about her lifestyle, new fame and future aspirations among other aspects of her life.

Hailing from Mayuge district in eastern Uganda, Quiin was born on 11th February 1996 in Mulago Hospital to Sembera Charles and Kyamulesire Alice. She is the 2nd born in a family of three; two girls and one boy.
She went to Wandegeya Nursery, Kitante Primary School but sat her Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) before joining St. Josephs Girls Nsambya for O’Level.  She did her A’Level at Merryland High School in Entebbe. Quiin has been a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Computing
awaiting graduation early next year.

Briefly, how would you describe yourself?
I am a fun loving, God fearing, positive minded and strong simple person. And very humble too!

Miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo talking to Rowland during the interview

Tell us about your childhood.
I grew up in an extended family in Mulago with grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunties all staying together. The home was really big and accommodated us all. I really enjoyed my childhood, it was so much fun playing with my cousins and this made us grow closer. But in P.6 we moved to Namuwongo where I stay with my parents and siblings.

What inspired you to contest for Miss Uganda?
When you are called Quiin, you have a longing to become a queen in reality not just by name. My family encouraged me to try modeling since I have the height but I am not good at sports. All the agencies I auditioned for made us usher at events. When Miss Uganda presented itself, I gave it shot because I had all the attributes needed; I am beautiful and intelligent and pageant is about beauty with a purpose. I was also watching previous beauty queens like Stella Nantumbwe and Sylvia Namutebi and wanted to be like them. Also, I had finished school and wanted something to keep me busy as I wait for graduation.

Did you have second thoughts about contesting when you picked the forms?
Hehehe. Not really. My family and friends who I told I was taking part all encouraged and believed in me. My confidence grew. So I went forit and here we are.

What was your experience like during boot camp with all the other contestants?
It was so interesting and I got to learn so much from there. It was school and family as we had to wake up early exercise, make breakfast for others.

The time you spent at boot camp, what would do you say was your best moment?
That would be the girl’s night out; we all went to Guvnor. I had lots of fun with the other girls as a group. Also the sports day was great.

Chimplyf’s Rowland shares a light moment with Quiin

At the grand finale, what was going on through your mind when your name was announced as the winner?
Oh my God, it was so overwhelming. It was very emotional, surprising and happiness at the same time. I wanted to cry but girls behind me told me to hold the tears in order not to ruin my makeup. But I cried anyway; I couldn’t help it.

It’s been a week since you were crowned Miss Uganda, how has this changed your life so far?
So much has changed already in this short time. There are some things I can no longer do as Quiin Abenakyo because I am now a public figure. It has brought my family closer as I have gotten to communicate with those I had taken long without seeing or talking to.

Winning Miss Uganda instantly made you a celebrity. How are you dealing with all the fame that comes with the crown?
I have Miss Uganda Foundation to thank for that. They are my other family now and guide me not only in regards to Miss Uganda but in every aspect. They have been teaching me how to deal with all the attention and how to balance between Quiin Abenakyo and Miss Uganda.

What responsibilities come with the Miss Uganda crown?
Well, I will be spearheading a number of projects before my reign ends. I am already the Ambassador for the Clean Water Campaign by UNAA Cause. It’s my first project. I am advocating for and promoting clean water supply plus sensitizing about personal hygiene, the girl child, education and teen pregnancies among others.

As Quiin Abenakyo Miss Uganda 2018/19, what legacy do you want to leave behind after your reign?
First and foremost, I want to be remembered as a positive role model to the girl child out there. I want to be known as the girl who rose from grass to grace and created unforgettable changes in society.

Away from Miss Uganda, what your relationship status like? 

You had to ask!! I am single.

Why is a very beautiful girl like you by herself?
My being single is by choice. I am enjoying being single for now.

But you have dated before…
Yes, I have date before. But that is in the past and you can see I am single. But that is all I can say about this.

Qiunn after being Crowned Miss Uganda 2018/2019

I am sure there are many guys out there who would love to date you. What qualities must your ideal boyfriend possess?
He must be God fearing and intelligent like myself. He should also be respectful and wealthy.

As a Christian, what if the person with all the traits you have mentioned is Muslim, would you date him?
Yes, I do not mind religion. What matters is how well we connect and how you treat me.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Locally, I have none. But internationally, I like Lewis Hamilton and Neymar.

What has been your best and lowest moment in life so far?
Being crowned Miss Uganda is my best moment so far. My lowest moments are whenever I lose a loved one.

Like everyone else you must have hobbies, how do you spend your free time?
Yes of course. But lately I haven’t had any free time to myself because of all the activities of Miss Uganda Foundation and
interviews. Before all this, I liked hanging out with friends, watching movies and travelling.

Who are your favorite musicians?
I like Juliana Kanyomozi and Rema because of their voices. For the men, I liked the late Radio Mowzey and Ykee Benda. Internationally, I like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Migos.

What are some of the things that most people do not know about you?
I love cooking. Love to whistle. Enjoy watching sitcoms like Big Bang Theory, Baby Daddy etc. I have never been dumped. My smile is my best feature. Favourite dish is sweet potatoes and G-Nuts. My family always comes first after God.

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