Interview: Bobi Wine is Confused and Manipulated, Says Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has come out to distinguish his younger self decades ago and the movement he led against the regimes of the time, from that now being led by Robert Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform.

His fight, Museveni told Channel 4 News in a recent interview, was one against much more complex challenges which were plaguing the country, as opposed to the current situation which he described as “healthier.”

“The situation now is very healthy; much healthier than 1986 because those young (NUP) people are not talking about politics of identity; of tribe and religion, which is what we fought,” he said.

“Bobi Wine is confused  because he is not ideological and he is being manipulated by so many groups especially the foreigners”

Watch the full interview below 


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