INTERVIEW: Abenakyo Set the Bar High but I Will Fit in Her Shoes – Miss Uganda

Oliver Nakakande is a 24year old Marketing student and the new crowned Miss Uganda. She is a calm, poised confident young lady who is a go getter.


Nakakande’s turning point was when she lost her mum at the age of 18years, since then she has been raised by her father who is also her number one fan.


She sat down with Bridget Nanteza to talk about her journey to the crown, what she hopes to achieve and how she will fit in her predecessor’s shoes.


Who is Oliver Nakakande?



I am 24years, born in Wakiso. I grew up in a family of 6 children, four girls two boys me being the last born. I was raised by both parents but lost my mum when I was in 18years old.


School Journey?


I attended Kawempe Church of Uganda school for my Primary, Helm Secondary school Kisoga for O’level and Faiha high school on Gayaza road for A’level.


Later I enrolled into Middlesex University Dubai where am in second year pursuing a bachelor’s in Marketing.


Why leave all Universities here and opt for Dubai?


After S. 6 I got an opportunity to study in Dubai and I grabbed it.


How do you intend to balance Dubai and Uganda?


I am planning to study online Godwilling. I am Ugandan first so my country is priority. We have celebrities there who are studying online so I have joined the group too.

Queen Abenakyo with Miss World Ponce crowning Nakakande(C) on Friday at Sheraton Hotel gardens in Kampala

The University is aware of what I’m now and they are supportive.


What is your father’s take on this?


My dad has been supportive from the time I went to pick the Miss Uganda forms. He is open minded so he is okay with my decision to study online.


What motivated you to contest for Miss Uganda?


Since childhood I have been referred to as a model and I have always had a giving heart so I viewed this as an opportunity to do that.



Another factor was as a teenager I always followed beauty pageants and Miss Uganda social media pages. This motivated me to contest but I had been procrastinating for 5years till this time when I decided to contest.


How did you find the journey to the crown?


It was tough! There were many contestants who were beautiful and intelligent.


Any lessons learned from the competition?


I learnt to stop taking things for granted. We were taught so many things at different stages by influential people and I made sure I put all they taught in practice which helped me a lot.



I also learned more about team work because when people work together they can achieve great things.


Describe how you felt on being announced winner.


I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked, surprised, and overwhelmed. Up-to now I cannot believe I’m Miss Uganda honestly.

Nakakande could not belive it upon being announced Miss Uganda 2019

It has been a few days with the crown… How does it feel?


Well, these few days I have received so much love and recognition. I don’t go anywhere without someone waving or saying hello to me. It feels good so far.


What does the Miss Uganda title mean to you as Oliver?


It means the world to me, everything I ever prayed for. It also means it is an opportunity for me to help others.


What should Ugandans expect from you?


They should expect the best. I am surrounded with a big great team who are going to be supporting me so I will deliver to the best of my ability.


Any projects in line so far?


Well, I will not say am going to do anything different. Everything has already been done by most of my predecessors so am going to build on where they stopped.


I have no project in particular, wherever am needed, wherever there is a gap I will be ready to help out.


How are you going to fill Abenakyo’s shoes? Isn’t it scary?


Of course it is so scary! She set the bar so high but I am sure the shoes are going to fit me. I have her on my side to guide me, so whatever strategies she used I will use them and execute all I have to do accordingly.


How do you want to be remembered after your reign?


I don’t want to say that I want to be remembered as the best but I want to be that girl who touched so many people’s lives in a positive way.



What motto do you live by in life?


With God everything is possible. When I was applying to contest I asked God that I wanted the crown and he gave it to me.


Advice the girls out there who wish to wear the crown too.


They need to stay in school and trust in God.


Where do you see yourself in 5years?


I want to be an entrepreneur with businesses all over the world.


Who is your role model?


Serena Williams. I love her energy, strength and dedication, she is a go getter.



Do you have any Ugandan role models?


Yes… Bobi Wine and his wife. His journey motivates me, he came from the ghetto to stardom yet he is still humble.


If you have a request to meet someone, who would it be?


The president! I would like to say hi to the president.



Share your beauty secret with the girls out there.


I go to the gym a lot, I mind what I eat and drink a lot of water for my skin.


Are you dating?


I prefer not to talk about that.


So if there are contenders out there since you are now in the spotlight, they should not bother?


Currently I am focused on the crown and what I need to do but they can go through my management.


Have you ever been heartbroken?


I have never been heartbroken and I have never broken any hearts either.


What are the qualities you look for in a man?


Well I will come up with those when am ready to start something.


Any hobbies?

I love to gym, swim and play basketball.


Your favorite food

Posho and beans.

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