INTERVIEW: 19 Years Down the Road, ‘Baby Gloria’ Tells It All about Life in the Limelight

In the early 2000’s a little singing baby girl caught the attention of many and subsequently had a fair share of the television fame, prompting the world to christen her Baby Gloria.

19 years later, the baby is not a baby anymore and has grown into a beautiful lady with opinions of her own. We caught up with her to figure out what she has been up to all this long.

First things first, will you forever be “Baby Gloria” or will you change the name?

I think somehow I will forever be Baby Gloria. For some reason, I don’t think it will ever go away from me because it’s the brand that I have grown up with and it’s what everyone knows so I can never do away with it and I love the name.

You recently turned 19! What have you been up to?

Honestly I have been trying to check down my resolutions, embark on new goals, and try to get rich. Just like any other teenager, I have had school and life as one.

You have been in the spotlight since you were a baby (both your mum and yourself), what does it feel like?

Being in the spotlight feels almost normal, considering the fact that it has been my kind of life since childhood. So to me it’s not something that makes me feel different. I’m grateful and thankful for everything positive that comes along with it.


How hard has it been for you to make genuine friends since you have been in the spotlight forever?

Very hard, but easy too because honestly you are programmed to read genuine motives and selfish or evil ones. So I would say both.

Do you a plan to pursue music going forward?

I have so many ambitions right now besides music but music has been with me since day one and I plan on continuing with it.

How do you deal with internet trolls?

Ignore them! That’s my answer because what you have to understand is some people are just wallowing down in misery so they want to project such negativity on to you or transfer such hatred to you so all you have to do is protect your heart and ignore such bad energy.

Also, if you chose to be in the limelight, you need to be ready to wear a thick skin because such people will never miss out of the equation.

If you could rewrite your life, would you choose a normal life or a celebrity life?

Oh my God, this is such a tough question. I don’t know! Sometimes I really want a normal life.

I wish I had a normal life but then I realize that the celebrity life wasn’t given to me by mistake, it is for a reason that I’m a celebrity so either way I have to do what God had in plan for me.

What has this whole journey in the spotlight been like for you? What have you learnt and what advise do you have for children in the spotlight at an early age?

I will start with the advice for all the children that are in the spotlight; never ever let the spotlight deprive you of your childhood.

Also, they need to be ready for a lot of negative criticism towards them. Even at a very early age, the world doesn’t spare you as long as you give it the access and that is being in the spotlight, being at a place where you are freely giving them the will to judge your every move.

They also need to stay humble.

Otherwise, my journey has been good and I have definitely learned to use my platform for good.


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