International Food Companies Criticised Over Animal Welfare

Most global Food and Restaurants brands do not prioritize animal welfare as a requirement for purchase of animals that are used to make most of their animal products and meals.

This is according to the 7th Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) produced by World Animal Protection, an international company that fights for the wellbeing of animals.

BBFAW is a leading global measure on farm animal welfare that grades global companies on farm animal welfare standards into six tiers, with tier 1 being the best and tier 6 the worst.

This year’s report graded 150 global food companies and Restaurants, including some locally operating companies like Uniliver, KFC, Giant Burger King among others.

The report that was launched yesterday at Hotel Africana in Kampala, shows that Animal welfare is not a priority for most of the graded companies, with even some brands not having farm Animal welfare on the agenda.

While delivering the report, Dr Victor Yamo, the campaign Manager for Animals in Farming at World Animal Protection Africa office said that the the purpose of the report is to encourage better disclosure of companies’ animal welfare standards for both local and international companies working in Uganda.

He pointed out that more people according to research are being careful on the health status of the food that they consume hence the need for retailers and Restaurants to take hid and pay more attention to farm animal welfare if they want their businesses to grow.

“If you care about animals, then you really should think twice about handing your money over to some of these retailers and Restaurants. Giants like Burger King and carrefour must take animal welfare more seriously” he said


Mayanja Abubaker, Assistant Treasurer Uganda Veterinary Association and a country Veterinarian noted that lack of information and training is the main reason behind poor animal welfare

“Most farmers in Uganda who are raring poultry do not understand the necessity of keeping good welfare standards. Most of them have been misled into believing in the GMOs products, extreme use of antibiotics to control diseases and yet all this can be avoided with proper feeding. It is a shame that African farmers are being pushed into adopting GMOs and yet the developed worlds are running away from it” he said.

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