Internal Affairs Sets Guidelines for Border Reopening

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has released guidelines to facilitate the implementation of presidential directives on reopening of borders in the wake of COVID-19.

President Museveni on 20th September allowed the reopening Entebbe International Airport and land borders for tourists and business community coming in and going out effective October 1, 2020 as long as they tested COVID-19 negative 72 hours before arrival into Uganda.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) which is responsible for facilitating legal and orderly movement of persons to and from Uganda has issued guidelines for implementation of presidential directives.

In a statement issued by the Ministry, all travellers in transit, in addition to the normal immigration requirements will need to provide proof of transport arrangements prior to the arrival, proof of confirmation of accommodation arrangements (where applicable), provide proof that the destination country has accepted to receive them and indicate the point of exit from Uganda.

However, Ugandan citizens can be permitted to exit if they present visas or residence facilities of the destination country.

“All visitors who were unable to exit the country because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic situation shall now be allowed to exit without penalty. However, all those travellers who were illegal in the country prior to the travel restrictions will first have to get clearance from immigration headquarters before they travel,” the statement read in part.

It added all persons exiting the country will at the point of departure, be required to present a certificate of COVID-19 negative PCR test results with a validity of not more than 72 hours.

The statement also read that DCIC will neither retain travellers’ passports nor require clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Works and Transport as well as the Ministry of Health for all travellers who are Ugandan citizens holding travel documents, foreign residents (nationals) with valid residence facilities such as certificate of residence, entry permits and final year pupils/ students in schools or colleges in Uganda shall be granted entry provided they have valid Immigration facilities or whose applications for the pupil/ student pass have been approved by DCIC.


“All residents whose immigration facilities expired while out of the country are advised to apply for renewal of their facilities and only come after they have been approved and paid for,” the Ministry announced.

All persons requiring visas to enter Uganda will be responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate entry visa in time for their arrival.

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