Internal Affairs Minister Urges Police to Accept Public Criticism on Brutality

The State Minister for Internal Affairs Hon Obiga Mario Kania has urged police not to take in bad faith but rather accept the criticism from the public about their violence and brutality.

Police has in the past days come under fire from various members of the public for what they termed as violence and brutality exhibited when they flogged supporters of opposition strongman and FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Addressing  officers at the pass out of senior commanders at the  Senior  Command and Staff College in Bwebajja on Friday, more about the new minister said that police officers ought to know that the sky is the limit as far as development of their careers is concerned, thumb and that  they should at all times be ready to get criticized over their actions.

“It is not that the people don’t like you, cialis 40mg they are only telling you the truth. You can’t say the mirror is bad and smash it. You should take public criticism in good faith,” Obiga said.

“From these criticisms you must come out good and as leaders you should accept them.”

The Uganda Law Society through their president Francis Gimara on Thursday condemned police for brutality saying their acts were “a dereliction of duty, violation of the Constitution and it is criminal.”

Minister Obiga Mario Kania said the Police ought to accept public criticism
Minister Obiga Mario Kania said the Police ought to accept public criticism

Addressing journalists at the FDC party headquarters on Wednesday, Dr. Besigye said  it was unfortunate that innocent Ugandans were being brutalized by the people who are sworn to protect them.

“The institution of police must be a different one by unfortunately the criminal elements in police are the ones who make policy today  for the force and execute it but the greatest majority of policemen are not happy with  what is going on,” Besigye said.


The Internal Affairs state minister said this criticism from the public about police brutality should act as a mirror that can be used by authorities and commanders to change for the better.

“As good leaders you must take criticisms in good faith because the people want you to improve. We should change the police to an institution that people first ran to in case of anything.”

“That was the case wiht the UPDF in the past and they accepted criticism. Now people look at the soldiers as their brothers and sisters. Even if you make mistakes, it will take time but you will change and people will start seeing you as brothers and sisters,” Obiga urged.

The Internal Affairs minister however warned the public against treating police badly, stressing that these have sacrificed their lives and helped to fight criminals who had become the order of the day.

“They have made mistakes but have performed well considering the big number of criminals and I am sure they can do better.”

A total of 24 police and prisons senior commanders completed a 6 months course at the Senior Command and Staff College in Bwebajja.




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