Institute of Parliamentary Studies to Be Named After Speaker Kadaga

An overwhelming majority of legislators have supported renaming of the Institute of Parliamentary Studies (IPS) after Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.

Members arrived at this decision during the second reading of the Institute of Parliamentary Studies Bill, 2019.

The bill among others seeks to establish an institute that will train members of parliament and local government officials in different spheres.

MPs from both sides of the isle cited Kadaga’s positive influence in the way she has presided over parliamentary affairs in her eight-year tenure as Speaker.

Hon Elizabeth Karungi Beikirize hailed Kadaga for championing sports and improving legislator’s health citing the new gym that was put up in her tenure.

“For us who were in the ninth parliament, it was the first time that we saw the gym here. And we were doing practice in the gym and not sleeping anymore,” Karungi said.

Besides that, Karungi praised the speaker for erasing gender stereotypes by enabling lactating legislators to breastfeed their children at their convenience.

“When you feel like going to breast feed you just get out, breastfeed and come back,” she observed.


According to Clause 5 Section 1 of the new bill; the institute will be run by a commission which shall be the overall policy body responsible for its strategic direction.

A steering committee appointed by the clerk of parliament shall comprise of a senior lecturer in capacity building studies, legal counsel and a representative from the ministry of local government.


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