Inspire Africa Calls for Local Consumption of Coffee, Value Addition

The Chief Executive Officer of Inspire Africa, Nelson Tugume has called for boosting of local consumption of coffee and demystifying the norm that it is only a cash crop.

The company behind boosting quality coffee production and domestic consumption hosted and interacted with Members of Parliament from greater north, Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Agriculture officials on Wednesday at their commercial premises in Kampala.

Mr. Tugume told the gathering graced by Reserve Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Charles Otema Awany that the longstanding curriculum describing coffee as a cash crop should be revised to state that coffee is also a beverage.

“In our early primary schools, we were taught that coffee is a cash crop and we grew up treating it as so. We are however practically consuming coffee and the curriculum should accommodate the reality; coffee is a beverage,” said Tugume.


Inspire Africa Coffee Sustainability Manager, Gerald Katabazi told the excited visitors during the tour of their premises that thousands of jobs and significant percentage of revenue are always shipped overseas when coffee beans are exported without value addition.

“What we do here (coffee roasting factory) saves almost 80% percent of the total revenue and job opportunities daily sent abroad. Exporting unprocessed coffee denies our people significant economic activities,” said Katabazi.

The Ik county MP, Hillary Lokwang praised the Inspire Africa Coffee initiative identifying potential coffee producers and supporting their entrepreneurial cause with logistical assistance and knowledge to propel their dreams.

“We are now growing coffee in Karamoja; thanks to Inspire Africa. We didn’t know coffee before they introduced it to our area,” said Hon. Lokwang.


Inspire Africa, according to Katabazi, aims at creating a young generation of African entrepreneurs with patriotic, progressive and visionary outlook to business success through practical business incubations and investments.

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