INSIDE STORY: Tanga Odoi to Declare Fresh Rushenyi Results on Tuesday

The National Resistance Movement Party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi has set Tuesday next week to declare the winner of Rushenyi Member of Parliament primary election winner after annulling Naome Kabasharira’s victory.

ChimpReports has exclusively learnt that the team of jailed State Minister of Labor, Mwesigwa Rukutana, who was earlier announced to have lost to Kabasharira with only 40 votes, has petitioned the NRM EC headquarters with overwhelming evidence to overturn the results announced in Ntungamo over the weekend.

The Ntungamo district NRM election officer Mirembe Maria on Saturday declared Kabasharira the winner with 24,006 votes against Rukutana’s 23,966 votes. The declaration form was however not signed by Rukutana’s agent, who out rightly disagreed with the results.

Other candidates in the race were Bob Karabayi, who garnered 2,266 votes, Niwahereza Nicolous (1,202) and Nomani Kashereka 346 votes.

Tanga Odoi confirmed to ChimpReports on Thursday that the fresh results of Rushenyi will be declared on Tuesday.

“Yes we have received a petition and now agreed with all parties that a declaration is going to be made on Tuesday in their presence,” said Tanga Odoi.

Rushenyi registered one of the fiercest moments in the NRM primaries. Rukutana, now charged with attempted murder, stealing a gun and other charges, was recorded on video grabbing a gun from his bodyguards to faceoff with a group from his opponent’s side, who had blocked his way.

What Really Happened?


Rubaare sub-county, Rukutana’s stronghold, was the epicenter of both electoral confusion and violence in Rushenyi county.

It started with the Rubaare NRM registrar, Mr. Dan Ninsiima disappearing with the register on the voting day on Friday last week forcing the election in the sub-county to be postponed to the next day on Saturday.

The sub-county was reportedly taken over by “high-level” security personnel never seen or experienced in the area before according to the petition handed over to the NRM E.C headquarters.

“What happened in Rushenyi on Friday and Saturday is something we have never seen before,” said member of the Rukutana’s team.

The election in Rubaare was then conducted on Saturday in the absence of the register and the registrar. The registrar reportedly returned in the evening when the results were being declared, under “tight security”.

“We were surprised to see Ninsiima at the tally center with security protection,” said a source.

Rukutana’s team stated in their petition a result from one village was changed to deny Rukutana 157 votes.

“In Kateba village, Rubaare sub-county, Hon. Rukutana got 174 votes against Naome Kasharira’s 102 votes but we (Rukutana) were only given 17 in the tally,” said part of the petition.

It is also stated that results from 13 villages were not yet included in the final results when the presiding officer rushed to declare it.

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