INSIDE STORY: How Bad Black Conned a Make-up Artiste

Early this month, there were reports of how socialite Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black “conned” Pamela Musiimenta, a make-up artiste of cosmetics worth Shs3m.

ChimpLyf’s Nicholas Asingwire Mzee talked to Pamela on how the whole story developed.

Striking the deal

Musiimenta says Bad Black came to her as a client, requesting for beauty products which she delivered on Friday May 26.

On giving her the package, Bad Black told Musiimenta that she was going to pay using Mobile Money.

At that point, “She (Bad Black) opened her Mobile Money App, typed in her password and I also typed in my details, but after that I didn’t keep looking at the phone to check what followed.”

A few minutes later, Musiimenta who claims she wasn’t conned as the tabloids reported, says she didn’t see the money.

On asking Bad Black what was going on, the response was “there could be networking problems, and I am on hurry, but you wait; the message will come.”


According to an account in a local newspaper, whose narrative Musiimenta disregards – Bad Black sent her a message showing that she (Musiimenta) has received the money, yet it was a dupe.

“She didn’t send me the message. She didn’t con me, because conning is when someone cheats you out of ignorance,” Musiimenta asserts.

When Bad Black left, “the communication was cut off.”

Playing Games

2 days later, she says, Bad Black communicated, professing to have “had a long day and asked me to send someone to Munyonyo Auto Spa to pick the money.”

She sent her assistant to the venue, “but she (Bad Black) hid from him and refused to pick his call…”

On asking Management if they had seen Bad Black, the response was negative, and according to Musiimenta, “she was just fooling around to keep me thinking she’s willing to pay.”

The following day, Musiimenta was told by Bad Black that she was travelling to Kigali, even sending a “throw-back pic on the plane when clearly she was with us in Uganda.”

“That same night… my friends spotted her in the bar… unfortunately I saw the message late…,” she regrets.

When Bad Black went on playing cat and mouse, this time completely cutting off communication and blocking all forms of access, Musiimenta decided to file a case at Katwe Police Station.

Friendship with Bad Black

Musiimenta says that she’s never been friends with Bad Black and that they had not dealt together before; “She’s not my friend. I just attended to her as a client.”

Bad Black and fraud

Bad Black is not new on the streets of ‘fraud city’. In 2012, court convicted her and then boyfriend, Meddie Ssentongo after a suit by David Greenhalgh.

He accused the duo of embezzling Shs. 11 billion from his Daveshan Company.

Bad Black was sentenced to four years while Ssentongo was given 18 months in jail.

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