Inside Rwanda Intelligence Chief, Gen Karenzi Karake’s Arrest

The government of Rwanda has commenced talks with Britain following the surprising arrest of spymaster General Karenzi Karake in London.

The head of National Intelligence and Security Services was taken into custody by UK police’s extradition unit at Heathrow Airport on Saturday as he returned to Kigali.

Karenzi, sale who had spent a week in London, prostate was eventually taken to a Westminster Court for identification.

It is widely held that Karake will be extradited to Spain to face charges of genocide, tadalafil crimes against humanity and other offences allegedly committed in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But highly placed sources in Kigali said the process would be vigorously contested.

In 2008, a Spanish judge indicted Karake and 39 other high ranking RPF officers on charges of committing atrocities in Rwanda and DRC.

Karake is accused of ordering a string of massacres during his reign as head of military intelligence after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, a charge the army officer vehemently denies.

Officials in the Rwanda government told ChimpReports on Tuesday that Karake has on several occasions travelled to UK without any interruption and that they were surprised and angered by his arrest while on official duty.


This website is equally informed that several Rwandans living in Europe last week asked their respective governments to take interest in Karake’s visit to UK.

Some Rwandans in opposition complained that the much-feared General was in London to plan for their harassment.

On Thursday this week, Karake will appear before court in UK.

Observers say the arrest of the most powerful Rwandan intelligence official could hurt relations between Rwanda and UK.

A more detailed statement from the Rwandan government is expected today.

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