Inside a Puzzle: I’ve Faced Nakazibwe’s Ill Humour – Nameere

Urban TV Producer Justine Nameere has unleashed fresh scathing information about her tumultuous relationship with NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe.

On an afternoon of Easter Sunday, Nakazibwe, who has garnered a huge following on Facebook by posting a series of inspirational and advisory messages, on that day, took a twist when she turned guns towards Nameere.

In a long-winded post, Nakazibwe, a mother of two kids, accused Nameere, whose following on the same social media platform is also admirable – of using several cagey methods; including using pseudo Facebook accounts to wreck her marriage.

Faridah Nakazibwe is married to Dr. Omar Ssali, who is based in Dubai. They wedded in October 2017 after the former split with the NRM Vice Chairman Ali Hajji Moses Kigongo.

Without providing substantial evidence, Nakazibwe, in the post that was titled ‘Enough is Enough’ and onto it attached several screenshots showing a string of messages from supposed ghost accounts, allegedly sent to Omar — she said that Nameere is working clandestinely to “bringing (sic) me and my marriage down.”

On the same day, using the same platform, Justine Nameere, also a popular figure in the media industry, retaliated, dismissing all Nakazibwe had written.

She, however, noted that the two had previously bickered over the very issue, and they had not harmonised since Faridah Nakazibwe failed to produce facts.

My lawyers and police were also involved, Nameere, also a mother of two, said in her Facebook post.


Despite the squabbling and all, the two have previously worked together at the Serena Hotel based television station; Nameere hosted a program called life stories at the station where Nakazibwe currently hosts a morning show dubbed Mwasuze mutya.

When she was hosted on a gossip television program on Urban TV Thursday evening, Nameere revealed that the duo, though not friends, they would meet and greet.

But, according to her, the misunderstandings came about when, on August of 2016, Nakazibwe sent her multiple messages accusing her of plotting to destroy her marriage.

Nameere, who says at the time she was bedridden after giving birth through caesarean section, had a long, uncomfortable exchange with Nakazibwe.

During that preposterous conversation, Nameere says she was repetitively characterised by Nakazibwe as “fake”, “a lair” and “a dog”.

Nakazibwe, Nameere says, in a show of confusion asked her “Kampala girls mukikola mutya,” Luganda for how do you do it?

Also, in another recent interview with Bukedde TV, Nameere said she had tried to talk to Nakazibwe so that they amicably settle their issues but the experience was regrettable.

“I personally went to NTV with my lady lawyer and my personal assistant to confront Faridah on this issue as adults. The anger she showed me was unbelievable,” Nameere said.

She continued, “I tried to touch her in a friendly way convincing her that I had nothing to do with the fake accounts but with a lot of fury she pushed me violently away; I almost fell.”





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