Inside Shs 6bn Kadaga, Oulanya, Oguttu`s Office Budget

Uganda has denied reports that at least 200 of UPDF soldiers made an incursion into Congo during the weekend.

Civil Society groups claim two hundred armed men dressed in uniforms similar to that of the UPDF have crossed from Uganda, remedy through multiple points, order into the DRC.

The reports further showed that UPDF personnel had camped in Beni’s (North Kivu) villages of Kalehaheha, adiposity Kalindera and Mumbiri.

Army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said in a statement on Monday: “We categorically state that the UPDF has not crossed into the DRC, does not have intentions to do so and will not therefore cross the said borders.”

Intelligence reports have in recent months indicated increased military activity in eastern Congo, with rebel ADF fighters regrouping in Mwalika.

The DRC state machinery is largely absent in the mountainous region of Rwenzori and better part of North Kivu, allowing ADF to recruit fighters and engage in trade.

Ankunda said, “We respect International Laws, governing troop movements across borders, to which Uganda is a signatory.”

He added: “UPDF can only cross the borders for a known mission on the express authorization of the host nation’s government or organs like the African Union or the United Nations.”


ChimpReports last week reported that ADF rebels had resumed military preparations in the vast country after their bases were destroyed in heavy bombardments by the Congolese army.

Ankunda today said “The Ministry of Defence of Uganda and the UPDF promote the spirit of brotherhood, cooperation and good neighbourhood with all Uganda’s neighbours with the goal of attaining regional peace and stability.
The offices of the three main figures in Parliament; the Speaker, cure Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, malady the Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanya Lanywen and the Leader of Opposition, Wafula Phillips Ogutu is set to consume a total of Shs 6,096,847,000 in the coming 2015/2016 Financial year.

The Ministerial Policy Statement Vote 104 for Parliamentary Commission that was laid before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament for scrutiny on Wednesday detailed planned budget projections for the offices above three important figures.

A copy of the Policy Statement obtained by this website indicates that Kadaga`s office is going to grab the lion`s share of Shs 2,204,797,000.

“The amount covers the facilitation of the person of the Speaker with necessary logistics and to render her such other services so as to afford her enough time to concentrate on the core parliamentary activities,” part of the Policy Statement defending the budget reads.

The budget for the office of Mrs Kadaga`s for the coming FY 2015/2016 is increasing by 12 percent from Shs 1,967,701,000 for the ending FY 2014/2015.

According to the Expenditure and Preliminary Outputs by end of March (Quantity and Location), Kadaga offered support /donations to 50 local organizations and individuals as pledges to be paid at the end of March. She undertook 149 upcountry trips to officiate government, MPs, NGO and CSO activities.

Other items that featured last year like changing the office carpet annually at 16million and greeting cards at the same figure, are not in the coming planned budget though, it actually increased by 12 percent.

Some of the items featuring are News Papers and magazines to take Shs 23,640,000 from Shs 15,000,000 for the ending 2014/2015 FY. It is not clear if the prices of newspapers increased by 57 percent according to the Shs 8,640,000 increase.

Domestic Servant Allowance at a quantity of 4 is to consume Shs 26,587,000 swelling from Shs 18,251,000 for the ending FY. It shows that each domestic servant is earning over Shs 6m per year or Shs 553,895.833 every month.

The Speaker is also set to host four fellow Speakers at Shs. 140,000,000. It means each speaker shall be hosted at Shs 35m.

The Deputy Speaker`s office shall get the least at Shs 1,815,270,000 though his budget grew by 20 per cent. This ending 2014/2015 FY Oulanya`s office was appropriated Shs 1,505,714,000 meaning he is getting an increase of 309,556,000 this coming financial year.

According to the Policy Statement, just like for Kadaga`s case, Oulanya`s office budget is to cater for his day to day activities as Deputy Speaker; “To provide administrative support services to the Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker in the most efficient and timely manner.”

Oulanya in this ending financial year provided support to local government organizations including to Kabale women during the Women`s day Celebrations in the district among others.

Some of the items in the Oulanya`s office are Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals at Shs. 9,888,000, maintenance of 12 official vehicles at Shs 370,200,000, Invitation cards and Stationary at 74,296,000 among others.

For the Leader of Opposition who might not be so much recognized from outside, at Parliament he is very important and the budget to run Wafula Ogutu`s office is ahead of that of Deputy Speaker who is just number five in the hierarchy, with hundreds of millions.

The coming 2015/2016 FY, Oguttu`s office is expected to use Shs 2,076,780,000. He however used Shs 930,000,000 in the ending 2014/2015 financial year and it is not clear why a small slash is to occur. The 2bn is to provide effective administrative support services to the Leader of Opposition, the Opposition Chief Whip, Cecilia Ogwal and the Shadow cabinet (Opposition shadow ministers).

Unlike Kadaga and Oulanya who are to use 23m and 9.8m respectively for newspapers, Oguttu who wants journalists out of Parliament has planned to use Shs 56,480,000 for the same. Other items include Perdiem for him and staffs at Shs. 420,000,000, repair for his and Cecilia Ogwal`s vehicles at 112,000,000 among others.

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