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Insecurity: Besigye Asks Gen Kayihura to Resign

FDC strongman Dr Kizza Besigye has urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura to resign amid growing insecurity in the country.

“If the regime wants to salvage whatever is left of any care about this country, more about Mr Kayihura should be thrown out of office, diagnosis ” the former Presidential candidate said at a press conference in Kampala on Thursday.

Besigye said if Uganda had a stronger “political system in which people have authority, cheap he (Kayihura) would have resigned.”

The remarks come against the backdrop of increased public outcry over the state of security in the country.

Despite assurances from Kayihura and parading of suspected criminals, organized gangs continue to terrorise Kampala city and different districts in the central region.

Earlier this week, Kayihura said patrols had been intensified in crime-prone areas and that ring leaders of what he admitted as “organized crime” were arrested.

He further assured that more deployments would be made to beef up security in the country.

However, addressing the media at his office in Nakasero today, Besigye maintained that “Kayihura is partly the problem,” adding, “It would do the country good for him to get out of the responsible office – of someone in charge of security.”


A suspected criminal earlier this week told Kayihura at a press conference that thugs are mobilised, organized, facilitated and paid by armed policemen with patrol cars.

This statement left police chiefs at the press conference embarrassed and confirmed the president’s assertion that police were full of criminals.

Besigye said he had “watched those fellows as they said those things” and that, “I’ve reason to believe that those words and statement of suspects have not been dismissed by the IGP.”


Kayihura denied that his men were involved in criminality as alleged by the suspect.

Besigye insisted that “police are involved in organising and orchestrating these crimes; this insecurity… In any case, the Commander-In-Chief told the country that the police have organized criminals inside it. It’s engaged in organising crimes.”

Speaking at a memorial ceremony of slain AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Museveni directed Kayihura to “clean up the police” which he said was “infiltrated by criminals.”

On his part, Besigye condemned the parading of suspects by police, saying they are “presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court.”

He also wondered how Kayihura would arrest other suspects in the investigation into organized crime after exposing them before the public.

He, however, said, “May be we would not have known that they (thugs) are organized by police.”

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