Infinix Mobile Rallies Youth to Embrace New Technology

Infinix users were over the Moon as they were treated to yet another unforgettable get together party on Saturday 13.


The party that started was scheduled to start at 1 Pm, though disrupted by heavy rain down pour, saw Infinix XClub users turn up in big numbers.


Happening for the second time, the event’s main aim was to bring together the fans offline to interact with each other physically and share their experiences on Infinix gadgets among others.


This year’s event dubbed “Campus XClub,” mainly targeted young University students who are reported to be the largest Infinix users in the country.



The fans have been using Infinix XClub app which enables them to communicate and interact with each other online. The app is designed in a way that, it allows users find the rich resources for their mobiles and meet phone common interesting friends; share the best contents with them among others.

Partiers exploring how X-pen for the infinix Note 6 works

In other words, the app is basically meant for Infinix users to get the honor and make friends all over the world while sharing different experiences about the phone as well as reporting any problem associated with the gadgets to the company.


There were lots of entertainments from upcoming singers, dance competitions and drawing competitions on the Infinix mobile among others.

one of the pictures drawn by a one Jonas who won the drawing competitions

The members walked away with lots of prices with those who participated in the drawing competitions taking a higher portion.

A one Jonas, who emerged winner of the brand new Note 6 smart phone, said that the phone is well equipped with a variety of features among others; X-pen, android 9.0 pie and 4 G connectivity which allow one to enjoy the digital life.

Winner of the drawing competition showing off his brand new Note 6 smart phone

Evelyne Rabwoni Infinix X-Club User operations specialist explained that the app is an online forum which has a unique selling point ‘X gold’ that acts like a virtual currency allowing you to redeem prices.


“XClub is an online forum with a unique currency X gold which acts like money and allows one to redeem their prices such as phones, Bluetooth speakers and headsets among others. It operates in a way that the more you participate on the platform activities posted by moderators, the more you accumulate points.”


Asked on which criteria they used on selecting members for the party, Rabwoni said that one needed to have been actively participating on the Infinix Mobile social media pages such as commenting on the event promos on the their different posts.


The company recently launched its latest smart phone Infinix Note 6 and according to the officials, the gadget has already sold out in the first week after the launch. Never the less, they assured the users that they will have more stock by the end of this week.

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