In Pictures: Bodaboda Riders Resort to Cargo as Pedestrians Walk to Work

Following the presidential directive issued last night suspending all public transport, many of the workers in Kampala woke up to trek to their work stations

Through the morning, streets were lined with hundreds of pedestrians with some carrying merchandise on their heads.

Police id working overtime to enforce the presidential directive

Traffic and regular police also had to work overtime along with LDUs, deploying by roadsides to deal with all big headed motorists.

There were cases of adamant bodaboda riders with passengers being caned by security officers, while many of the motorcycles were impounded.

Another private car driver was seen pleading with police to allow him carry all his family members to the village.

A lot of bodaboda riders standing idlle at their stages

With the ban on carrying passengers, majority of bodaboda cycles have now resorted to carrying cargo as instructed by the president.

“We have to look for food for our families so there is no way I can stay home and look at my family,” remarked one of the cyclists.

In the meantime, more people are taking seriously the measures announced by government to prevent the spread coronavirus.


There’s an increased number of people wearing masks.


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