Implement Sachet Waragi Ban Now – MPs Implore

A section of Ugandan legislators has called for the immediate and speedy implementation of the June 1st ultimatum that was given by government to stop the sale of sachet alcohol.

Addressing press at parliament, Hon. Mwine Mpaka the western region youth MP expressed concern over government’s reluctance to implement this ban.

Mpaka says authorities had promised to halt production of this liquor by the end of March and have it phased out by 1st June.

However, he observed that of late several brands which continue to be supplied in large quantities, a sign that production never ceased.

“It seems these factories, either produced this alcohol in large quantities and stored in their ware houses or they are still producing these sachet waragi at night”

Quoting World Health Organization statistics, he said as a result of high consumption this liquor has reduced citizens’ productivity levels; majority of who are youth.

“Uganda was ranked the number one consumer with a per capita consumption of 19.47 liters per Ugandan. And we know that Uganda has one of the youngest population which means the youth are consuming this alcohol the most”, he adds further.

The MP added that this waragi is loaded with lead, actinic, copper and chromium, chemicals which are very dangerous to human life.


Hon. Gaffa Mbwatekamwa the Kasambya county representative called upon the ministry of trade and Uganda National Bureau of Standards to visit the ware houses and confiscate it.

Furthermore, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe the Manjiya county MP said as an urgent measure government needs to reign in on manufacturers. Nambeshe says this liquour has infiltrated schools and led to family breakdown.

Commonly known as ‘waragi’, shops countrywide are averse with brands that include; Royal Gin, Empire waragi, Chief Waragi, Afande waragi, Gorilla waragi among many others.

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