I’m Still NRM – Says Shartsi Ahead of Second Round with Sodo

Mrs Shartsi Musherure, one of the contenders for the Mawogola County North MP seat has vowed to continue supporting and fighting for the ruling National Resistance Movement Party (NRM) despite losing out on its flag for the parliamentary race.

Mrs Musherure was last Friday nominated as an independent candidate for the Mawogola race.

She will be once again facing Godfrey Aine Kaguta alias Sodo, whose election victory as the NRM flag bearer was cancelled on the last hour forcing him to seek the independent ticket as well.

Mr Sodo’s victory was cancelled by the NRM CEC following a petition by Musherure citing cases of violence, voter intimidation and massive importation of non-Sembabule residents for the purpose of voting.

Commenting on the oncoming second round of election next year, Mrs Musherure who is daughter to Minister Sam Kutesa said despite the fierce fight in Mawogola, she had lost faith in her party.

“As I formally start my campaigns on individual merit, I would like to emphasise that I remain a member of the NRM party, devoted to its principles of patriotism, democracy, social economic transformation, Pan-Africanism and national unity,” Musherure said.

She further reiterated her “unwavering support” for the NRM party chairman President Yoweri Museveni and commited to actively campaigning for his re-election and all other NRM flag bearers in the upcoming 2021-2026 National Elections.

Regarding her agenda, promised to devote all her time engaging with her constituents on what to expect of their leaders and how to hold them accountable.


“What the people of Mawogola North need now, more than ever, is leaders not politicians,” she said.

“Great leaders set aside their personal interests and focus on how to collectively work with others towards a common good for the benefit of the people. This is the kind of leadership I would like to offer people of Mawogola North,” said Ms. Musherure.

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