I’m Not Embarrassed By Photos from My Past – Bobi Wine

President candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has opened up on the posters of him which have been pinned in different parts of Kampala portraying him as a drug addict.

Bobi Wine told press today that he was not embarrassed by these photos, whose source is yet to be known.

The candidate said however, that he was shocked to find these photos pinned all over the perimeter wall of the Electoral Commission offices when he went there to meet with the commission officials.

“As you will see outside, we found these photos of me which were taken more than 14 years ago when I was in our ghetto in Kamyokya,” he said.

“I am not ashamed of these photos from my past because that is exactly what I went through. But it is amusing that the photos are pinned on the wall of the electoral commission which is guarded 24 hours by armed police and the military.”

“If you are still in doubt how the out security is biased go out and see those photos,” he said.

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