I’m Disappointed in Besigye – Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kagulanyi (Bobi Wine) on Thursday aimed his most scathing attack yet on opposition strongman Col Dr Kizza Besigye, terming him as a “detractor” and his leadership style as “disappointing.”

Without mentioning him directly, Bobi Wine said he was disappointed in Besigye’s claims that the current NRM regime cannot be removed democratically and that unity amongst the opposition is impossible.

How could a man that has run for president democratically four times, Bobi Wine wondered, come out to tell people that democracy doesn’t work?

“For a leader to say that a vote can never oust Museveni, without offering another option; it is disappointing,” said the 37-year-old, his voice rising.

“I want you to know that what we the politicians cannot solve; the people of Ugandans can solve. We have seen this in the recent past. The power of the people prevailed in Kyadondo, in Bigiri Rukungiri, Arua, Jinja and indeed is going to prevail in Uganda in 2021,” he said.

“But for that to happen, we have to make people believe in what we tell them.”

“Don’t tell people about democracy, stand four times and on the fifth tell people democracy doesn’t work. We believe it works!”

Bobi Wine was speaking at Hotel Africana during the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Opposition Democratic Party (DP), People’s Democratic Party(PDP) and Social Democratic Party (SDP) ahead of the 2021 election.


His comments were targeted at Dr Besigye recent suggestion that the current government under president Yoweri Museveni cannot be removed through elections.

Besigye, who has castigated Bobi Wine’s campaign to have millions of Ugandans registered to participate in the next election, says Museveni can only be forced out of office by a mass uprising as has been the case in the Arab Spring and most recently in Algeria.

Dr Besigye through the so called “People’s Government” says he and his people are working to make sure that President Museveni is not on the 2021 ballot.

But at the Africana meeting, Bobi Wine said this was reminiscent of President Museveni’s behavior, which he said the opposition must fight to avoid.

“Many times we come off as unrepresentative of the local people. How can you say we are trying to elevate the power of the people, in this modern civilized world, and you are busy discouraging them from registering as voters?” he said.

“I want you to know that Uganda is a young country and we are capable of causing chaos and holding guns and violence, but we choose to despise violence because it doesn’t work. We believe in democracy and it should not depend on us as politicians.”

The MP also attacked Besigye’s recent remarks that the opposition parties in Uganda, cannot possibly to work together.

According Besigye, most of the opposition figures have been bought off by the regime and cannot work with their colleagues.

This too, is a wrong assumption according to the Kyadondo MP.

“I have heard some leaders say unity cannot work. Well we are here and we are getting more and more like-minded people. Ugandans must not listen to such detractors. We are uniting.”

Bobi Wine’s remarks seemed to expose of the long whispered rift between him and the former Presidential candidate, which they both had attempted to sweep under the carpet, when the latter accused the MP of fanning tribalism early this year.

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