IGP Ochola Retires 270 Old Officers



The Inspector General of Police Okoth Martin Ochola on Friday retired 278 Police officers who had served in the force for more than 30 years.

The ceremony was the first of its kind.

In a new development, retired officers will retain their ranks even in retirement and will earn pension for a lifetime.

The officers retired had reached the age of retirement which is 60 years while a few others requested for an early leave.

They included officers from almost every rank except AIGPs who were not included on the list.

In his address, Mr Ochola congratulated the retirees upon completing their service noting that serving under the Police force is sometimes challenging.

“It is needless to emphasize that police life is tough, challenging and for some it is heart breaking. It is characterized by hard life, sadness and at times grief,” he said

According to the police commander, quite a big number of officers join the service but a few are able to retire as a result of death, desertion while others end up in prisons.


“It is therefore only through such a gathering that we accord the lifetime opportunity to express gratitude, respect, relevance and to honor our own officers whose invaluable contributions are hardly brought to light,” Ochola said

To the retired and those that are about to retire, he said, “We all know that you started servicing this institution when you’re many but others fell off. It is really remarkable that a few endured and diligently served their country to attain this milestone.”

Ochola further urged those still in the force to look at the gallant retired officers with admiration for a job well done.

On behalf of the retired officers, SCP Benjamin Namanya who served the force for 33 years appreciated the police management for sending them off gracefully in a colorful event, the first of its kind in many years.

He said that they have not left the force to go and sleep in villages but instead will be a backup of the serving force and that they will be available for suitable deployment and personally he said that he is available for services  such as teaching at the senior command school and advisory roles.

The event included pre-retirement lectures by educationists, senior police commanders and soldiers from operation wealth creation who guided the retirees about the life after public service.

They were tipped on self-employment, entrepreneurship and social life.

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