IGP Ochola Bars Women Protest Group From Demonstrating In Kampala

The Inspector General of Police has ordered women activists under their women protest group from carrying on demonstrations in Kampala as planned.

The activists were planning to carry out demos against the recent murders and kidnaps of women and children across the country.

According to the group, the massive demo dubbed “one million match” was slated to take place on 30th this month.

In a letter released by the office of the IGP on Wednesday, he barred the women from carrying on the planned program.

“This serves to inform you that the intended demonstration to raise awareness and displeasure about the recent spate of killings and kidnaps of women and children cannot be allowed to go on as scheduled.” reads part of the letter.

The IGP has argued that the reasons raised by the women group to stage the demo have all been adequately addressed publicly.

Ochola pointed out that the police and other sister security agencies have of recent addressed the matter on public platforms for the nation.

He said that on 11th June, the concerned Ministers of Internal Affairs, Security, and Defence Chiefs addressed the country on TV about the recent incidents.


He further stated in the later that “on 20th, the president also addressed Parliament and the nation on National security so there is no need for the activists to go ahead with the planned demos.

Ochola told the women that the President Museveni elaborately gave both short and long term strategies for sustainable security in the country.



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