IGG Orders Salaam Musumba to Refund Money ‘She Embezzled as Kamuli District Chair’

The Inspectorate of Government has directed FDC’s Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Mrs Proscovia Salaam Musumba to refund a sum of Shs 4.7Million which she allegedly misappropriated while she served as the Kamuli district Chairperson five years ago.

Musumba, who served as the Kamuli district chairperson from 2012 to 2016, is said to have used her position to lobby and acquire Shs 10Million from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), that was meant to support the education sector in her district, only to divert the money to her personal business.

A whistle blower back in 2015 approached the Inspectorate of Government with a number of corruption allegations against Musumba, which included among others the CAA funds and another amount she allegedly received from State House and misused.

Musumba was also accused of threatening to dissolve the District Service Commission (DSC) for failure to take her instructions;        forcing the District CAO to pay for computers that had been donated by diplomats, as well as receiving fuel allowance while at the same time drawing fuel from the district.

When reached for a comment on Tuesday, Musumba denied knowledge of the IGG investigations and told us she hadn’t received any communication from the government ombudsman.

But according to papers from the IGG’s report, Musumba did write to the CAA Executive Director in October 2014 seeking financial support towards education improvement in Kamuli.

A few weeks later, CAA sent a cheque of Shs 10million to the district.

Musumba however, requested for the same amount to be transferred to her, and the request was cleared by the District CAO, Felix Cuthbert Esoku.


The money, according to the IGG, was received by Musumba’s personal friend, one Ben Luswata, who on her instructions, used the money to pay for a children’s party.

The Shs 10million remained unaccounted for until June 2015 when the CAO directed the Human Resources Officer to deduct it from Musumba’s salary.

“By March 2016 when (Musumba’s) term of office ended, a total of Shs 5, 263, 556 had been recovered, leaving a balance of Shs 4,736,444,” the IGG report reads.

A such, the IGG recommended that Musumba should be made to refund the remaining Shs 4.7Million to the Inspectorate of Government Assets Recovery Account.

Speaking to this reporter however, Musumba dismissed this matter as trivial.

“People are talking about pallets of money, and you are talking of four million that Musumba took from Kamuli?” she said, referring to the ongoing scandal involving Bank of Uganda officials.

The FDC boss also said she didn’t consider her actions wrongful, because “she didn’t steal from government.”

“CAA money is not government money,” she stressed.

The IGG however, cleared Mrs Musumba on the allegations that she misused money from State House

“According to Mrs Lucy Nakyobe the State House Comptroller, State House neither received a request from Musumba, nor made payments to Kamuli District Local Government.

IGG also didn’t fully investigate claims that Musumba threatened to dismiss the District Service Commission, “because this matter was overtaken by events since Mrs Musumba is no longer the chairperson.”

The allegation of double payment of fuel, the report says, was handled by the District Public Accounts Committee.

Meanwhile, The IGG called for the then Kamuli CAO, Mr Esoku to be reprimanded by the Ministry of Local Government for unprofessional conduct.

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