IGG Launches Online Wealth Declaration System, Warns Non-compliant Gov’t Officials

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has launched an online system where all public leaders must  declare their wealth.

Speaking at the launch in Kampala, the deputy IGG, Mr George Bamugemereire, said the online  system will help to hold a huge volume of data safely and securely.

“This process will help to validate leaders’ data as well as track the illicitly acquired assets which will in turn ease the process of investigations and asset recovery as the case may be,” said Mr Bamugemereire.

He tasked all public leaders from LC3 chairman up to the President to comply with the legal requirement.

“…any new leader who fails to declare within three months of appointment is in breach of the Leadership Code and is liable to penalties as specified in the Act. We should all be aware that with the electronic system and the Leadership Code Tribunal, breaches will attract severe sanctions,” Mr Bamugemereire said.

Corruption constitutes a major challenge for Uganda’s economic transformation.

The police, the judiciary and procurement are areas where corruption risks are very high and under-the-table cash payments are expected.

The core of Uganda’s legal anti-corruption framework is the Anti-Corruption Act, the Penal Code, the Inspectorate of Government Act 2002, the Public Finance Management Act 2015 and the Leadership Code Act 2002 (LCA).

The Penal Code provides instruments to deal with various corruption offenses including embezzlement, causing financial loss, abuse of office and fraud.

The LCA is designed to increase transparency and to curb corruption among senior public officials; it also criminalizes attempted corruption, active and passive bribery, extortion, bribery of a foreign public official and abuse of office.

Under the LCA, gifts or donations must be declared if they exceed five currency points in value. Corruption challenges are exacerbated by weak law enforcement, which fuels a culture of impunity.

The State minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rev Fr Simon Lokodo, said the new digital system will help fight against corruption.

“With the Leadership Code Tribunal and now the online module, among other efforts, we are widening the net in the corruption fight. The self-registration system is a landmark achievement coupled with the digital forensic lab,” he said.

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