IGG Extends Deadline for Public Officials Assets Declaration

The Inspectorate General of Government   Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza has Friday urged public officials to make use of the online Declaration System to submit all their incomes, more about assets and liabilities.

Beginning this year, this all government officials are required to declare their income,  assets and liabilities using the Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System, a web based declaration portal.

The online system was launched last year by the IGG as a way of stamping out corruption in public service.

Mulyagonja said yesterday that the online declaration system is an easy and faster way for officials to declare their assets to the IGG as required by the law.

“We expected over 25,000 leaders to make their declarations. We have so far received emails addresses and telephone contacts of 18,442 leaders and registered them in the IG-ODS,” she said.

The declaration period for the year 2017 commenced on 1st march 2017 according to the IGG.

 “We had given all public officials a deadline of today but we are extending it to 21st April 2017 in a bid to ensure all leaders submit their declaration as required by the law”.

In Parliament she said, 402 officials were invited to declare their assets but only 326 declared. In the Judiciary, 65 out of 96 have declared while in Police 1419 out of 3163 have submitted and in local government, only 2683 out 4758 have declared their assets.

“As a ministry we strongly maintain that the system is safe and secure as it was subjected to several tests with the support of the National Information Technology Authority and Ministry of Information Communications Technology,” reassured Mulyagonja.

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