Igara East By-elections: NRM Maintains Andrew Martial

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission Chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi has revealed that the party will not be holding primaries for the Igara East parliamentary seat that fell vacant after their own Andrew Martial lost a Court case.

Martial was thrown out of Parliament after the Court of Appeal ruled that he had committed bribery during the 2016 election process, contrary to the Parliamentary Elections Act.

Addressing the media at the party Headquarters in Kampala, Dr. Tanga Odoi said that the party will maintain the flag bearer as has been the party practice.

Tanga dismissed claims that Martial doesn’t qualify to stand in the bi-elections since he lost the court case on grounds of bribery.

“We analyzed the Court ruling and found that Court didn’t nullify his candidacy as a flag bearer; we appeal to the party members in Igara East to rally support behind him.” Tanga said.

The National Electoral Commission has set December 14 for the by-election.

Tanga on the other hand revealed that the party will hold primaries for the election of LC I and LC II flag bearer is some selected villages.

The ruling party held primaries for the local council seats in 2015 and according to Tanga, all candidates who are still available are ready for the race, with exception of a few areas.


“It came to our notice that in some villages, our flag bearers died, others stood on other election positions while others lost interest in the seat,” he explained.

From October 27 to 29, he said, the party will send a team to the different villages across the country for verification of the party flag bearers and where they find no candidates; primaries shall be carried out on November 2.


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