Iganga Woman MP Kaudha Dies in Childbirth

Iganga Woman NRM MP Grace Kaudha Hailat, 29, has died while giving birth.

The death was confirmed by the ruling party Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba in a text message to ChimpReports on Friday night.

Kaudha is said to have been rushed to Case Clinic in Kampala after developing complications before being transferred to Mulago Referral Hospital (Kawempe Extension) where she was pronounced dead.

It’s reported the lawmaker didn’t find any gynecologist on duty at Case Clinic.

This site was yet to verify this claim as a detailed statement about the incident is expected from Parliament today Saturday morning.

The deceased was serving her first term in Parliament after replacing Iganga Woman MP, Olivia Kabaale Kwagala.

She is the third MP in the 10th Parliament to die after Moroto Woman MP Anne Logiel and Toroma County MP Cyrus Amodoi.

Uganda has high maternal mortality rates, which is often reflective of access to health care services.


Even when health care services are available, they are often understaffed and low on supplies which can also have an effect.

According to the latest official figures from a 2006 health survey, 16 Ugandan women a day die in childbirth, and 76 newborns in every 1,000 do not reach the age of one.

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