IGAD Director Appeal for Economic Empowerment to Curb Refugee Exodus   

The Inter-Governmental Authority of Development Director of Health and  Social Division, Ms. Fathia Alwan has called on member states to elevate the economic livelihood of their citizens to avoid conditions resulting to migration of people.

Ms. Alwan said the promotion of livelihoods and self-reliance is a critical stability alarm that should be addressed by nations subscribing to the regional body.

“Promoting livelihoods and self-reliance is not a matter of choice. Nor is it a concern for individuals and families struggling with poverty, joblessness or food security. It is a major concern for national, regional and global stability and security,” said Ms. Alwan.

She remarked that hostilities and displacement of people are the adverse effects of inadequate basic needs in the communities.

“Conflicts, displacement and migration are direct and indirect results of unmet basic societal needs,” she remarked.

Ms. Alwan made the comments during the Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s experts meeting on livelihoods of refugees, returnees and host communities taking place in Kampala.

She noted that IGAD started implementation of the 2015 Nairobi Declaration, effected by the Comprehensive Refugees Response Framework (CRRF), immediately after its adoption with support from partners such as the European Union, the German Agency for Development, and UNHCR among others.

IGAD expects the meeting to achieve the removal of policy barriers both at national and regional levels, strengthening regional coordination mechanisms for effective implementation, comprehensive action plan and a coherent results framework to track progresses.


Central to the principles of the Nairobi Declaration and Action Plan of March 2017 is the promotion of self-reliance and economic resilience for refugees, returnees and host communities.

IGAD Member States with the support of the international community have committed to enhance education, training and skills development for refugees to reduce their dependence on humanitarian assistance, and prepare them for gainful employment in host communities and upon return.

The Nairobi Declaration and the accompanying Plan of Action that were adopted set out a comprehensive regional approach and commitments at four levels including accelerating solutions in Somalia by creating an environment conducive for voluntary and sustainable returns.


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