If You Want Dead Bodies You Will See Them – Museveni Slams Careless Ugandans Over Covid19

President Yoweri Museveni has criticized Ugandans for losing focus on maintaining prevention of the spread of Covid19.

The president expressed concern on Thursday about the rate at which Ugandans had relaxed the prevention measures.

This was during his address to parliament during the annual budget reading.

“Some days ago I was getting worried because I saw people in Kampala moving around carelessly; moving in big groups…no masks,” Museveni said.

“On Heroes Day I told you what I thought, that if you are disappointed that we don’t have enough dead bodies like the other countries, you will get them if you don’t listen,” the president warned.

“You will find that we have teams of people putting on white, burying people like you have seen in other countries.”

The President said Ugandans by now should be more cautious, having seen how Covid19 has ravaged other countries.

Government, he said, shouldn’t have to deploy security forces to enforce the prevention measures.


“We cannot go begging people to live. This isn’t how you run a country. You cannot be telling mature people that there is danger, to the point that we have to deploy police. What is the police for? Police shouldn’t be enforcing this, it should be yourselves.”

Uganda has so far tested over 143000 people for the virus, of whom 679 tested positive. Another 117 have fully recovered.

But according to President Museveni, the 679 positive cases include those that were mistakenly classified as such.

The president revealed that a laboratory at Makerere misdiagnosed a number of cases “because there was some carelessness “

“They had only 3 people working there; I think they got tired and some samples were classified as positive. But it was quickly discovered and fresh tests were done and facts came out,” he said.

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