If It Wasn’t for Me, Museveni Wouldn’t Be on The Ballot – Brags Kadaga

The speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has said that her effort in passing the controversial age limit constitutional amendment in 2017 is the only reason the ruling NRM party will still have President Yoweri Museveni as their flag bearer in the next presidential elections.

As such Kadaga said yesterday that she is owed appreciation by the ruling party for her contribution, and should therefore be rewarded with the national 2nd vice chairperson seat.

While speaking to the NRM party delegates of Kigezi sub region on Friday afternoon at White Horse Inn Hotel in Kabale Municipality, Kadaga said she put up a brave fight against a fierce opposition in parliament and managed to see the bill passed.

“If you recall that age limit week, it was a terrible week. They began by surrounding the table of the speaker. My other counterparts couldn’t work. The next day they were throwing me chairs so that I leave the chambers. They sang the national anthem for about 45 minutes, and I decided to suspend them out of parliament and we proceeded. We stayed in parliament up to midnight,” she said.

“That post wasn’t mine; why did I fight for the president? I would have left and gone to retire honorably in Kamuli…but I had to step in and make sure the bill was passed.” Kadaga said.

Kadaga is seeking reelection as the NRM 2nd Deputy Vice Chairperson.

She and the rest of the NRM CEC members are facing stiff competition from younger party leaders, besides Party Chairman Yoweri Museveni and First Vice Chairman Alhaji Moses Kigongo who are unopposed.


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