I’d Still Appoint Aceng as Health Minister – Gen Tumukunde

In an apparent change of tone, Presidential candidate Gen Henry Tumukunde has come out expressing support to Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng.

Minister Aceng over the past week came under heat for flouting the Covid19 guidelines which she signed off herself, by appearing among a group of political supporters without observing social distancing.

The Minister was in her home district of Lira on official work. She later said she was caught off guard by supporters and promised to be prepared next time. She is running for a parliamentary seat in the same district.

Her actions however, attracted fury from political players, among them Gen Tumukunde who in a July 14th statement called for her resignation and termed the incident as a blunder.

But in a televised interview this morning, Gen Tumukunde seemed to walk back his comments and even promised to appoint Minister Aceng in her current position once elected president.

“If I was to form a cabinet tomorrow, I would appoint Jane Aceng as Health Minister because she is very competent, she is the correct Ugandan,” he said.

Gen Tumukunde said the minister was caught up in the heat of a political moment and that she couldn’t avoid the outcome.

“We should not condemn her because the temperatures are different and she is a professional just starting on politics”


He added, “Political temperature is always like that, people will always want to show that their candidate is the best and you will not stop them.


Gen Tumukunde however, is still pushing for the postponement of next year’s general elections.

The former Security Minister says he is willing to discuss with parliament to consider amending the constitution to allow the postponement.

The Constitution in its current state doesn’t allow a medical pandemic as grounds to postpone elections.

But according to Tumukunde, Parliament has in the past, amended the constitutional for weaker reasons.

“What I fear most is that we’ll come out of elections next year and the results will be very easy to challenge in courts of law,” he said.

“We can extend this election and avoid putting this country in uncertainty.”


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