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ICC Sets Date for Gen Ntaganda Trial

President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the Kenya Airports Authority to improve the passenger handling capacity of the international arrivals terminal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The President, recipe who toured the terminal immediately after arriving from South Africa where he attended the 25th African Union Summit, said KAA should undertake all measures necessary to increase efficiency within the next two weeks.

President Kenyatta’s direction comes ahead of the start of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that will be held in Nairobi on July 25-26.

The Summit will e attended by world leaders including the President of the United States, Barack Obama and thousands of participants.

Acting Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, Kenya Airports Authority Chairman David Kimaiyo and the Acting Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority, Yatich Kangugo took the President on a tour of the facility.

The President went straight to the international arrivals terminal after disembarking from his plane together with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

He was returning from Johannesburg where he had a busy schedule.

Besides the AU Summit, President Kenyatta also attended a Head of State Summit on the African Peer Review (APR) Forum where he was elected the chairman of the forum to take over from Liberia’s Ellen Sirleaf Johnson to steer the organization.


The Head of State has called for an extraordinary summit of the APR Forum within the year that will be used to revitilise Africa’s self-assessment process for better governance.

President Kenyatta also held several other bilateral meetings including one with President Salva Kiir where they discussed the IGAD initiative to end the conflict in South Sudan.

He also attended a meeting that brought together the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and the leaders of countries contributing troops to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

On her part, the First Lady attended a meeting of the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV /Aids (OAFLA) that focused on HIV/AIDS and women’s reproductive health. The First Lady also received a prestigious award on behalf of Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Mama Ngina was recognized for the role she played in Kenya’s struggle for freedom from colonial rule.

He was received at the airport by Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery, the Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces General Samson Mwathethe, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett and other senior Government officials.
With the mushrooming number of café’s and coffee parlors’ in Kampala and surrounding areas, salve the coffee business has increased the growth of the economy with consumption of coffee growing securely for the past six years

Uganda currently has over 40 coffee shops in the Kampala capital city alone, information pills compared to and this has led to an increase in the consumption rate from less than 2% to 5%, this web 50,000 coffee bags which were roasted 11 years ago to cater for the local consumption to 200,000 bags consumed annually.

Most Malls in Kampala now have coffee shops and many people have picked interest in drinking coffee lately because the quality of coffee served in has greatly improved. Coffee is no longer a drink for the white community as blacks have also picked up its consumption.

Café Pap, Bean Café,,ban café, Good African Coffee, House, Good African Coffee,Volcano Coffee are some of the common cafes around

Most coffee drinkers are the middle class, widely travelled and educated with disposable income and Youths as well as the corporate that work long hours and need a cup of coffee to keep awake and strong.
The commonly served Coffee drinks in Uganda are Cappuccinos, Cafe Lattes, Iced Mocha, Iced Americano, African Coffee, Iced coffee and African coffee

Specialty coffees are made with exciting art such as hearts, leaves, and personalized wordings and designs to attract more coffee drinkers.

Gerald Katabazi, founder and owner of Volcano Coffee Traders and a passionate entrepreneur of coffee attributes the recent coffee popularity to the best brewed behaviors now introduced within the specialty domestic market as well as better coffee roasting techniques that are totally different from the past years thus producing great coffee.

” This trend is a positive and if it continues this way, it will bring up many opportunities to the youth and raise coffee consumption rate as well as zeroing the poor rating of the domestic market towards, ” he added

Katabazi is a young coffee entrepreneur pioneering the new changes within the coffee consumption market in Uganda, through promotion of fine specialty coffees and best brewing behaviors.

Steps to Good Coffee

Ripe Cherries ready for harvesting.
Ripe Cherries ready for harvesting.

According to Katabazi, after the ripe cherries have been picked, the pulp  is removed and the bean dried and then hulled to remove the dry cask, polished and sorted to remove defective beans. After its roasted till the beans turn brown and the oil locked inside the bean starts to emerge.

They are then sorted and the best coffee beans packed to produce the best coffee.


The Trial Chamber VI of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has scheduled the opening statements in the trial of jailed Congo warlord Gen Bosco Ntaganda for 7 and 8 July 2015, doctor with a possible extension to 9 July 2015.

The opening statements in this trial shall take place at the seat of the Court, viagra buy in The Hague (the Netherlands), ampoule in accordance with the ICC Presidency’s decision of 15 June 2015.

The start of the prosecution’s presentation of evidence is scheduled on the week of 24 August 2015.

The trial is conducted by Trial Chamber VI, composed of Presiding Judge Robert Fremr, Judge Kuniko Ozaki and Judge Chang-ho Chung.

Ntaganda, former alleged Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Force Patriotiques pour la Libération du Congo [Patriotic Force for the Liberation of Congo] (FPLC), is accused of 13 counts of war crimes.

These include murder and attempted murder; attacking civilians; rape; sexual slavery of civilians; pillaging; displacement of civilians; attacking protected objects; destroying the enemy’s property; and rape, sexual slavery, enlistment and conscription of child soldiers under the age of fifteen years and using them to participate actively in hostilities.

Ntaganda is also accused of five crimes against humanity (murder and attempted murder; rape; sexual slavery; persecution; forcible transfer of population) allegedly committed in Ituri, DRC, in 2002-2003.

Ntaganda is in the Court’s custody.

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